His Person & Work can make of your passion an instrument of meaningful spiritual transformation.

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The Four Fuel Elements to enable your passion as an instrument on His hand for meaningful Spiritual Transformation:

1. A solid starting point: Remember His grace.

Pursuing your passions, areas of interest or spiritual gifts is a great journey. But without His grace as the starting point, this journey can become a source of pain and frustration, specially if it takes place in the context of cultural diversity. Remember His grace for you, constantly, to avoid such calamities and to get you off to a very good start.

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2. A clear end result: Follow Him in humility.

You need to know where you are going and what that destination looks like, if you want to celebrate progress toward it, and live with expectation of the arrival. In cultural diversity the end result of discipleship, the product of a meaningful Spiritual Transformation – for you and for those around you – is an ever-growing ability to follow Him in humility. The biggest evidence of humility? A life of prayer.

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3. A persistent process: Cultivate constantly.

On this life we will never be done with our Spiritual Transformation. Because of our constant battle with sin, we will always long for a deeper restoration by God the Holy Spirit, and it is Him and Him alone who must cultivate our heart, constantly. The process is more like a spiral than a straight line.

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4. A humbling environment: All in cultural diversity.

In order to experience meaningful Spiritual Transformation, we must pursue our passions in an environment that would, at the same time, expose our idolatry and display His work in us – this in order for us to repent & celebrate. Cultural diversity is such an environment. The good news is that you don’t need to look to far to find it.

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