Taking care of your own heart – A plan for your own discipleship

My Infographic

After reading this post, you may now have a better idea of where you are, in your own spiritual formation. Now, the question is, Where are you going from here? I know you want to pursue your passion or area of interest. I know you want to be a blessing for those around you – believers or not. But this great journey of yours require a balanced approach to your own spiritual well-being. Do not forget that the pursue of your passion is not about the pursue of your passion, exclusively. It is about the transformation He can bring, first to your own heart, when you live your passion in function of others.

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What P90X has shown me about Spiritual Disciplines


If we are honest, the very word ‘discipline‘ projects a sense of hard work, struggle, and some pain. It takes a while for anyone to really get use to it, if ever.

But after a while, something very interesting happens…

No, I do not think you get used to it. Neither I believe that discipline loses its demands, its edge. But I think that it becomes part of you, if you are keeping it up for the right reasons.

At this point in time, discipline is still hard work – and even painful – but since you can see the changes it has produced in you, you are now encourage to keep do it, and maybe even a little bit more.

That happened to me recently.

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It only takes two questions to know where you are, in your spiritual formation.

WhereI know, I know. You want to change the world, for good. You want to pursue your passion, and by doing that, you know the planet will never be the same.

Or maybe not. Maybe you have a smaller, more realistic view of what will happen once you start in this journey, taking others with you to help you out, but also to be transformed.

It is possible that you have been already working in this pursuit for long, long time. Having by now a clear idea of where all this is going to end.

But, let me ask you… Do you know where you are? How much have you moved forward in your own spiritual formation?

It only takes two questions to find out. Take it as a personal challenge, and try to answer them.

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A graphic guide on how to take care of your Support Team

The pursue of your passion is not an adventure you go solo on; you need the help of others that may share your passion, or are interested in serving the same Target Group that your are.

But, how do you take care of those who are coming along with you? Take a look at this infographic, and find out.

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I feel like I’m in France – or Finding encouragement in His faithfulness


It is hard, this business of pursuing one’s passion; specially if the purpose of that pursue is to see Spiritual Transformation. It may come as a shock for some, but I do not like to be late or behind schedule, and right now that is where I find my self, regarding the plan I have for The Gwinnett Chess Co., as it is being develop into a Small Community.

By this time, according to my plan, I was supposed to have a Support Team in place, an open section for our club up and running, new players, a meeting with parents, and everything in place to take the kids to their first tournament.

We are not there, yet.

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I am behind

I am like a week behind my schedule, for The Gwinnett Chess Co., but I have good and valid reasons for the delay: The chess tournament I had picked was cancelled, I have not heard from two individuals I have invited to be part of my ST, and one of my Connecting Points took extra time this week. I am still praying.

A great teaching series on leadership, by Covenant Theological Seminary


Promoting higher edudation – Helping with Deferred Action forms


It only took a call to two families in the community to get people to come to our first orientation session. The main foyer of our building was overflowing with parents, and their children, interested in learning more about the process to apply for Deferred Action.

It was very nice to have the opportunity to talk to them in a direct and loving way; we made it clear that we want to help regardless of their religious involvement. The parents were also challenged to consider the main purpose of this opportunity : to send their kids to college.

Almost at the end of the session, I told those who came that there was a price paid for our congregation in order to host that meeting, and that I would need them to payback as much as they could.

I asked them for three things.

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Why do we like extremes?

unbalancedforcesWhen pursuing your passion, it is better to embraced a balanced approach. This kind of approach goes by different names these days: flexible-structured, engineered-organic, etc. The main idea here is that, when pursuing our passions, we must keep a balance between a focus on ‘doing’ and a focus on ‘being.’ In other words, we want a structure that will allow us to keep track of growth and health, at the same time that we remain flexible in our journey to deal with human nature and life.

In the context of our congregation, this balance is between studying a Core Value – something that can be very structured – and practicing a Spiritual Discipline, knowing that such a practice varies from people to people (not everyone prays in the same way, for instance).

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This is a Connecting Point

Some times, in the pursue of our passion, we need to take small steps. If you are not ready to lead a Small Community, consider launching a Connecting Point.

What’s a Connecting Point? I am glad you asked. Take a look at this video, and find out the four different elements of this initial step.


Connecting Point


Give by grace, create community, proclaim good news.