A more flexible definition of passion


I am convinced that a passion-based approach is a very effective way, in a diverse setting, for disciple-making. After years of pursuing this approach I have seen the results not only on my own ministry, but in ministries launched by others in my congregation.

Even when the general idea is very simple and balanced, both pragmatically and theologically, I have been presenting it in a deficient way.

I have come to the conclusion that a better, more flexible definition of passion is required.

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Our chess club meeting

Yesterday we had our weekly meeting, for The Gwinnett Chess Co. It is always nice when parents get involved. I mentioned to our players that we have free breakfast, on Sunday mornings; they sound excited and told me they would invite their parents. We will see.

The why and how of an organic element in discipleship


Let me start with a definition, since the word organic have several different connotations. When I talk about an organic element in discipleship, an organic element in the pursue of your passion as a way to see Spiritual Transformation, I am talking about flexibility as a counterbalance for a rigid and purely structured approach.

The main goal of this organic element is to bring what we believe (study) into contact with real life, since it is there where we know who we are, what we have, and what we believe.

In other words, if we want to see Spiritual Transformation when we pursue our passions, we must be flexible because real life requires it, specially in a diverse setting.

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The why and how of a formal element in discipleship.


Disciple making is not an easy task, since you are dealing with the human heart – your own and some one else’s. If you add a diverse setting to the mix, things get even more challenging.

Using a passion-based approach to face this challenge has several benefits :

  • It celebrates the fact that God’s restoration impacts all of our being, including our passions.
  • Emphasizes God’s sovereignty over human affairs – He equips you and calls you to serve at this particular place, with the particular passions he has given you.
  • It allows the creation of a balanced environment (i.e. A Small Community) for people in different stages of their spiritual journey.

The Small Community that can be created around a redeemed passion can be, at the same time, structured and organic; that is what makes it balanced.

Lets talk about the structured part.

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Failing quickly, for a fast transformation


For some of us, to start the pursue of our passion is not an option but until we have the perfect plan for it. And we are totally convinced that obtaining a perfect plan is within reach of our abilities.

So, we invest time dreaming, thinking, planning, and then, dreaming some more. We do research, we ask people, we read book, magazines, and blogs relevant to our pursue.

Sometimes, we actually reach our goal and, after a lot of work (but work we really like to do), we are able to put together the perfect plan to pursue our passion.

And we know, deep down in our heart we know, the world will never be the same once this baby starts rolling.

And then, it happens.

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Why passion? – A theological answer


Can God really use any – any – passion in my heart for Spiritual Transformation? Can the Great Commission be fulfilled using things like music, soccer, cooking… paintball?

I do get this kind of questions very often, when I explain to others that I am promoting a passion-based approach to disciple making.

And I know it sounds weird, different, and even maybe edgy, but besides two pragmatical reasons to pursue this approach (which are experience and culture), I do have one reason that is purely theological.

To start my discussion about this, the third reason, let me ask you to consider this question : How far and how deep does His work of restoration goes?

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