Brewing some beer for the Christmas season.

A seasonal Connecting Point I am now considering is brewing some beer for Christmas, and New Year celebrations. I will promote it using FB, and I will invite others from Una Eruditio to help out.

Launching a Connecting Point

ConnectingPointsSometimes, all this talk about passion, Spiritual Transformation, and serving others make things a little confusing for some folks.

That is OK. It takes a while to get the handle of things, specially with the blessing-challenge of a culturally diverse setting like ours.

But I have very good news! There is a way for you to test all the systems, and learn more about passion-based discipleship, while actually pursuing an area of interest of yours.

It is called a Connecting Point.

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Making disciples in a diverse context – A definition of passion-based discipleship

passionPassion-based discipleship is not the only way to make disciples in a diverse context. And more than a model, it is a set of principles that can – and should – be adapted according to the cultural circles God is calling you to influence.

These principles are founded in solid theology, extended ministry experience, and sound pragmatism.

And here you have them.

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