How to avoid frustration and burnout, in the pursue of your restored passion

Serving others, while pursuing your Restored Passion, could be one of the most exciting things you may ever experience. But it may also be extremely demanding, and a source of stress and frustration. This is particularly true if your are going after your passion in the context of cultural diversity. But, there is a way to prevent all that while experiencing Spiritual Transformation. Continue Reading

Five reasons to use your passion as a tool for spiritual transformation

With all the options available to go to the nations and make disciples, Why to use a passion-based approach for discipleship, in diversity? Let me give you five reasons.

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What is the value of Christian faith?

“In Christianity the value of faith depends upon the object towards which the faith is directed. So it looks outward to the God who is there, and to the Christ who in history died upon the cross once for all, finished the work of atonement, and on the third day rose again in space and in time. This makes Christian faith open to discussion and verification.” via the Logos Bible Android app. The Complete Works of Francis A. Schaeffer

Discover a simple way to chose teaching material for your Support Team

You are all ready to go, and use the pursue of your passion as a vehicle to experience Spiritual Transformation. Now, you are working on the details on how to take care of your Support Team, and that’s when the challenge emerges… How to do that? More specifically, What kind of teaching material would you use? A key idea for the selection is this : Keep it balanced. Continue Reading

My study of Core Value #4 : the Lordship of Christ

Studying the Lordship of Christ, in the boom of Psalms

Today I started my study of the fourth Core Value of my congregation – the Lordship of Christ – with a word study in the book of Psalms, I have searched for the text ‘LORD is’, and I will try to see how the book describes the fact that He is Lord over all.

Why we all have a passion to pursue.

“man is still created in the image of God, whatever he may say about himself, and as such he cannot go on living in meaninglessness.” via the Logos Bible Android app. The Complete Works of Francis A. Schaeffer

What makes a good accountability system? Find out, and be better prepared to help your Support Team

Doing ministry together is, at the same time, very rewarding and very demanding. If you are leading a Small Community to pursue your passion, you have a small group of believers that share that passion, and who are helping you in the service of your Target Group. How do you keep challenging and encouraging them, your Support Team? You need a balanced accountability system.

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Answer this fundamental question, before pursuing your passion

Having a clearly identified passion is fundamental for our approach of making disciples, of searching for Spiritual Transformation, in a setting that is culturally diverse. However, that very first step – identifying a passion to pursue – could be a very demanding one. Before you start, be sure that you pick the right path for your journey.

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The scope of Christianity’s concern for man.

“The answer is not to ask these people to return to the poorness of the status quo, but to a living orthodoxy which is concerned with the whole man, including the rational and the intellectual, in his relationship to God.” From The Complete Works of Francis A. Schaeffer via the Logos Bible Android app.