What do I do for a living? I am a steward of God’s grace

Imagine a passion like this, restored by the power of God’s gospel, and fuel with grace, community, and proclamation of the good news.


A key instrument to experience spiritual transformation, in diverse settings

A key element to see Spiritual Transformation, in our own heart and the hearts of those around us, is the establishment of a solid community. This is particularly important if your pursuit is taking place in a culturally diverse setting.

Let me share with you a few ideas on how to reach that desired community.

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Seeing His beauty

The Core Value I am studying now is the Lordship of Jesus Christ; I have learned a few things going through the book of Psalms looking for the phrase ‘the LORD is.’ But it has been a big blessing to see Him, first hand, exercising His Lordship: He gave us a great meeting with the parents of our chess players, and an awesome fund raiser for our Scouts troop. All this happening almost against human planning and desire.

Prevent one of the biggest mistakes when looking for spiritual transformation in diversity

Spiritual Transformation is an exciting and worthy goal to pursue; there is little than can be compared to seeing the human heart becoming more and more alive, because of the work of God the Holy Spirit in it.

However, like in many other aspects of Christian life, culture can influence what we expect as the result of Spiritual Transformation; culture could give us the wrong idea of what Spiritual Transformation should look like.

Here you have some guidance on how to prevent this kind of mistake.

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The Gwinnett Chess Co.

Our kids, hard at work

We had a great meeting, last night, at The Gwinnett Chess Co. Not only we have our kids playing better chess, they are growing closer to each other and working more as a team. And next week we will have a chess parents meeting!

God’s image in us gives meaning to our pursuit.

“If God exists and we are made in His image we can have real meaning, and we can have real knowledge through what He has communicated to us. If this is taken away, we are left only with man and his finite self-expression.” http://ref.ly/o/cwfs/307407 via the Logos Bible Android app. The Complete Works of Francis A. Schaeffer

Five consequences of seeing the beauty of Jesus Christ in diversity

Beauty always produces action, or movement. The more the Spirit allows us to see His beauty, the more we want to keep seeing His beauty. But, What are some of the practical consequences of seeing it?

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Choosing life – a new found passion for me?

proLifeAfter visiting Family Research Council, in DC, for a round table on Immigration Reform, I think I have found a new passion for me : fighting for life.

There are 3000 abortions performed every day, here in the US. Over 600 of those are Hispanic babies. There is something very wrong with this, and we need to take a stand, now,