How a conversation with a 5-year old helped my own spiritual transformation

Teaching chess may not bring images of high emotions, adrenaline raising scenarios, or a deep sense of urgency. In other words, teaching chess may look boring.

But it is not. 

It is the passion I’m pursuing, and as such it has presented me with the need of explaining what I believe -to myself and to others. And at those moments, when the Spirit brings the right words to mind, so that I can explain what He’s allowed me to believe, is that I marvel at His faithfulness, my faith is increased, and He brings me closer to Him.

The challenge of answering questions regarding spiritual issues, allows me to advance in my own Spiritual Transformation.

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Passion for literature as a way to relieve anti-American sentiments

A shared passion, or area of interest, is a powerful tool for understanding between different cultures, helping to overcome great obstacles like politics, economy, and language.

That is the main premise here, at

And I was recently reminded of this reality by an article published in Poets & Writers. Keep reading to find out how a shared love for the written word helps alleviate the result of a bitter war.

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Spring Day Camp

We will have another parent meeting today, to talk about the day camp of next week. Our first meeting, a few weeks back, was a great success. The idea that we are a Small Community of parents working together towards one goal (our passion, our area of interest) is really taking root with our Support Team and Target Group.