Plans for the Summer

Done with my plans for this Summer. I am excited to think about how the Lord will allow me to see, enjoy, and share His beauty in diversity. To learn more about His person and work, I will be focused on Core Value of His Lordship and the Spiritual Discipline of Stewardship. To apply my gifts, my attention will be on preaching, Troop 1212, and The Gwinnett Chess Co. And I’m hoping to have spiritual conversations with the leaders of our church, and with those seeking.

Is there anyone else struggling with Summer plans?

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It may sound easy, but it is not.

There is just so much that can be done during Summer, that it is almost paralyzing, when the time comes to make a plan for it. Take heart, and do not dismay; come with a plan for this time of the year, and stick to it.

It will be good for your own Spiritual Transformation.

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