Good advise for Gospel Conversations

“The problem which confronts us as we approach modem man today is not how we are to change Christian teaching in order to make it more palatable, for to do that would mean throwing away any chance of giving the real answer to man in despair; rather, it is the problem of how to communicate the gospel so that it is understood.”

The Complete Works of Francis A. Schaeffer via the Logos Bible Android app.

From ordinary to glorious, and back : the reality of Christian daily life

I was, literally, watching grass grow. For a long while, we had a big area in our backyard depleted of grass. So, I took the matter into my own hands, and planted some. And by planted some I mean I really worked at it: I did some research on how to do it, what the best fertilizer was, and what kind of seeds to use.

Then, I planted it.

Then, I waited.

I waited for days to see the evidence that it had worked, to see the fruit of my hard labor. And all this reminded me of the whole process of making disciples.

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