Discipleship is also for the disciple-maker

myP-gnIt is easy to forget about your own heart.

Serving others, loving your community, working on opportunities for others to see, enjoy, and share the Beauty of Jesus Christ… and all this in cultural diversity!

It’s not easy.

But it is easy to forget that you also, even when you are discipling others, need to be cultivated as a humble follower of Jesus Christ; you also need to be discipled.

For the sake of those around you, do not forget your own heart.

For your own sake, don’t forget your own heart.

Everything else flows from your relationship with the Lord. He is the one that is transforming you, making it easier and easier for you to step out of your own human culture, for His glory and the benefit of others. If you try to accomplish that transformation without following the discipleship process you are promoting… it is not going to work.


Course correction.

You must, then, apply to your own Spiritual Transformation the process you are taking others through. Discipleship is also for the disciple-maker.

By following the same principles you are asking others to follow, you are validating the process. You are also showing those you are discipling that you are not that different from them, that even when on the surface you all may look different, at the end the need for the restoring work of God the Holy Spirit is needed by everyone, equally.

To correct the course, be sure you are following the same steps that everyone else in your group, but according to your own needs. Because of where you are in your own transformation, you may or not need someone else to help you. But, do not forget, you are being cultivated as a humble follower of Jesus Christ, not of someone else.


For you to consider.

  • How familiar are you with the discipleship process you are using with others?
  • For your own discipleship… How much interaction with others do you need?
  • Is there anything you would like to do differently, in the way you are being discipled?



Give by grace, create community, proclaim Good News.







Affirmation in the way I need it, not in the way I want it

creating communityDo I want to be famous?

I do, but not necessarily in the traditional way. I do not want everyone to know me, just the right people. For me, it is very important to have an idea, implement it, and then receive affirmation from the group of people my idea has been a blessing to.

That is the kind of fame I like.

And, of course, that rarely happens.

What I mean is that I do get affirmation, but not in the way I want it.


Dealing with me in the same way

God has this way of dealing with me, which has been very consistent over the years. Not surprise there, since He never changes. Many, many times the Lord provides an idea, a new concept for me to use as a good administrator of His grace.

Then, I run with the ball. I think about it. I design. I plan. I dream.

Later comes the implementation.

But rarely I get affirmation from those around me.

But almost in every case I get His affirmation. In private. Where only He and I know what is going on.

That is the way my Lord keeps my heart in check. That is the way He helps me to remain humble, defunding the idol factory I have in the middle of my chest.


Learning about me… and about Him

This process of getting private affirmation from Him has been good for me. It is not what I want, but it is exactly what I need.

In this process, I get to know me better. And He allows me to learn more about Him, too.

I’ve learned about my need to control, my need for success, and my desire to be the first one, the one that comes out on top.

I’ve learned about His mercy, and patience, and love, and grace… for me. All those deep theological concepts become more real, and practical, when I see them in action as an undeserved gift from Him to me.

That is what I need, in order to be a humble follower of Jesus Christ, in order to be a disciple of His.


For you to consider

  • Do you know the ways our God deals with your heart?
  • What have you learned, about you and about Him, in the process?
  • Have you noticed any fruits of His work in you? How are you going to celebrate those?

Give by grace, create community, proclaim Good News.

Alex Villasana