Why the manger?

givebygracePursuing your passion, fueled with God’s grace can be a very powerful way to overcome cultural barriers: it sends the undeniable message that there is a deep interest – love – for those on the receiving end. Just look at the Incarnation, just look at the manger.

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A basic need of the disciple-maker

cultivateconstantlyContinuing with  the plan for my own Spiritual Transformation, the discipleship of my own heart, I decided to study 1 Timothy. I was looking for direction on how to be a better coach, mentor, disciple-maker. I thought that looking at the advise Paul provided to Timothy would be beneficial, since Timothy and I share a lot of things in common, ministry wise.

What I found was a refreshing surprise.

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Entre Padres – developing the idea of a round table for dads

allinculturaldiversityFor the longest I have had this idea about a round table for young people, where they could express a little bit of their creativity, talk about any topic they’d like to discuss, and come with ideas on how to apply to their daily lives the things they were learning. All that activity would be recorded, and then distributed as a podcast.

Now I have the same idea, but replacing young people with Hispanic dads.

And using the World Cup as the starting point for every discussion.

I think it may work.

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The Soccer World Cup as a way to make disciples

followinhumilityThere is not way to deny it : Soccer – or futbol – is the most popular sport in the world. And with the World Cup coming up this Summer of 2014, we will have a great opportunity to use it as an instrument of disciple-making, providing a great setting to step out of our own cultures, for God’s glory and the benefit of others.

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Of making disciples and exposing your own heart


The more we talked, the more concerned I became.

When are we going to talk about doctrine and theology? That was the question in my mind.

At the moment, cooking hamburgers over a grill, while making small talk, wasn’t looking like the best way to make disciples, at all. But then, I remembered what the end result of our discipleship process is, and things came into focus.

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Culture & Creativity

Very interesting interview with the author of Culture Making, Andy Crouch.

With trembling and expectation

cultivateconstantlyRecently, different sources have pointed me to the fact that my leadership is one of the strongest influences, for good or bad, on the discipleship of those I’m leading.

What a blessing to be there when He cultivates people, when He restores human hearts.

What a terror to know there is so much lacking in me.

It is with trembling and expectation that I wait for this 2014 to start.

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It is hard to avoid cultural diversity when making disciples

“Christians should be out in the midst of the world as both witnesses and salt, not sitting in a fortress surrounded by a moat.”

The Complete Works of Francis A. Schaeffer

http://ref.ly/o/cwfs/485940 via the Logos Bible Android app.