Elements of Passion-based discipleship

There is very little that can transform your walk with God as much as seeing, enjoying and sharing His beauty. This is specially true if you do all this in a culturally diverse setting, among people that is not necessarily like you.

Hi! I’m Alex Villasana, and as a steward of God’s grace I’d like to help you to pursue your Restored Passion, make disciples, and in the process experience some meaningful Spiritual Transformation.

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Plans for my own spiritual transformation

It is that time of the year, at least for me, when it’s necessary to evaluate my goals, both personal and ministry, and the plan the year ahead.
I’d like to continue with the focus on stewardship, as the Spiritual Discipline I want to practice. And for the Core Value to study, I’m settling on spiritual growth.
And this is how I’m hoping on doing it, for the remainder of the Summer.

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If you knew my story


Isn’t that a great way to get us back into the path of humility? We can put up a facade, intentionally or not, but being confronted by this statement can quickly remove it.

And my brother did it in public, while leading a worship service.

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When loving others is not part of the plan

element-GrI lovelement-Ene planning. I love getting down to the details of how is that I’m going to fulfill my call – to cultivate humble followers of Jesus Christ. I love to think about strategies, good and effective strategies, to make disciples of those around me, with that special interest in Hispanic Americans I have.

And then, some times, love gets on the way.

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