Discipleship in real life

A real source of discipleship
I know the curriculum we use for discipleship is important. We cannot depend just on the organic side of things, to make disciples, specially in a context where relationships are extremely important, like among Hispanics (those relationships could easily transform into an idol). Curriculum, formality, structure are all important, but we also need to remember that it is the work of God the Holy Spirit that we are talking about, here.

Then, discipleship can happen almost at any time, almost with any reading material. Like at Barnes & Noble, reading a book on physics.

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When stopping being Hispanic is the right thing to do

comida mexicanaI’m going to tell you the truth: Food at home is always amazing! It’s not only that my wife is a great cook, but as a traditional Hispanic family, we put a high premium in eating together as much as we can. Food for us is more than nourishment for our bodies; it’s a real celebration of God’s goodness and generosity.

That is a good expression of the human culture I belong to.

And today, I intentionally stopped being part of that culture.

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[Case Study] Chess

CheckmateI love to teach. And I love to play chess. So, it was just natural for me to pursue my passion for the royal sport, and use it as a way to bless others.

Truth is, I have been using chess, as a way to connect with my community, for several years now. First in Houston, and since 2006 here in GA. At one point, we had three different groups of kids playing chess, for a grand total of almost 100 students.

It was too much.

Now, I’m trying a different approach.

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[Case Study] Running Club

Running Club Sign

This is the sign I set up, this past weekend, at an intersection less than a mile from the building of my congregation.

Right now, I’m trying to connect with the Target Group I’m hoping to serve, using running as the main activity that would get us together.

Last weekend was the second time I set up this sign, and I think it’s time to change the strategy a little bit.

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Hispanics don’t know how to give – and other lies

It’s common knowledge that Hispanics do not have a culture of giving, or sharing. That’s the reason it’s so difficult for a ministry that serves them, to be financially sustainable.

Well, let me tell you that common knowledge is totally wrong here.

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Discipleship among Hispanics : evidence

With such a cultural diversity among Hispanics in the US (yep, even when we all speak Spanish, it doesn’t mean we are all the same), it’s a real challenge to know if our discipleship efforts are being fruitful.

That’s why it’s important to keep the end result in mind.
That’s why it’s important to look for evidence of Spiritual Transformation.

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[Case Study] Serving Hispanic Dads

This ministry year I will be using 25% of my time in personal projects of discipleship. I will be pursuing some of my passions to connect with specific Target Groups, with the idea of creating an environment where Spiritual Transformation could take place.

One of those passions is teaching. Very specifically, I’d like to serve Hispanic American dads by teaching about parenting and cultural engagement.

Welcome to the Academia de Padres (AdeP)

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Surprised by humility


It was a difficult conversation to have. That is always the case when the person you are discipling shares with you the reality of the pain, anger, frustration, and doubts she is facing in her family life.

But there was something special about that moment, too.

It was a real test. For her. For me. For the Good News.

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Case Studies

Our ministry year is on the go, and I’m facing a good amount of challenges, both personal and in ministry. And it’s exactly because of these challenges that I want, err, that I need to put myself in a place to see His Beauty more clearly.

In other words, for my own sake, for my own heart to be cultivated to follow Him in humility, I must invest in making disciples.

Here is how I’m planning on doing that.

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