Should I be having fun, when making disciples?


Ever had the feeling that you are having way to much fun, while making disciples? I really hope so! Making disciples, specially among Hispanic Americans, is supposed to happen at the intersection of real life and eternal truths. And if you are pursuing your passion / area of interest, while factoring in that glory that is to come, then you should be having some fun.

It’s good for you – the disciple-maker – to see that what the Spirit has allowed you to believe, really applies to daily life.

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Who needs prayer when making disciples?


We can focus on so many things, when pursuing our passion with the intention of using it to make disciples. Yes, trying to fulfill the Great Commission in a culturally diverse setting is, very often, an intoxicating experience. But we must remember, we are also being cultivated as humble followers of Him.

How are we expressing that humility? How are we showing, to ourselves, our complete dependency on Him? #prayer #discipleship #hispanic #endresult

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Worship service – the forgotten way to make disciples?


I’m getting ready for worship, this Sunday morning. I can tell you the sermon, humanly speaking, it’s nothing to write home about.

But He reminds me that even with all limitations and shortcomings – in me, the preacher, and in us, the congregation – He is still faithful, and He is cultivating my heart.

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Cultural differences are overrated

Yes, they are. Clearly, on the surface we may look different – skin color, language, food preferences – but when you compare what’s deep inside each of us, you’ll find out that we have the same basic needs, longings, and fears.

It’s at that depth where the Good News operate, and it’s effective. This is the very reason we can, we all can, make disciples even in a culturally diverse setting. #hispanic #discipleship #culture #challenge

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