Intentionally looking for trouble.


When looking for evidence of growth in your own heart, ask yourself how intentionally are you putting yourself in situations that would challenge your cultural preferences, that would clearly show – to you – your total dependency on Him, while serving others using your passion / area of interest. Being intentional will serve you better than speaking Spanish, when making disciples among Hispanic Americans. #howto #discipleship #hispanics

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The risk of being too good at this

FollowInHumilityThe end result of discipleship is an ever increasing ability to follow Him in humility. It means that, the more God the Holy Spirit works in me, the easier it should be for me to step out of my own cultural preferences – stop being who I am naturally – to clearly show God’s work in me, and for the benefit of others. But sometimes, we can take that very work of God (His gift to us) and turn in into an idol that points to us.

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