The main benefit of making disciples – Podcast e5

What does it mean To Follow Jesus in Humility? – Podcast

Are we going in the right direction? Podcast e3

We are never done – Podcast e2

Looking for trouble in all the right places

Just a brief audio note about why we are pursuing our passion for disciple-making in a culturally diverse setting.

And yes, I was driving around while I recorded this.


Striping down my heart to find out what I really treasure


Serving others in cultural diversity removes all the hiding places, all the cultural shields (idols?) I like to use to create a comfort zone. But it is there, where my heart is stripped down to its raw core where I can see what I really believe. It is there where my true identity is clearly exposed. It is there where I can really rejoice in what He has accomplished in me.

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Of being a stripper and making disciples


To follow Him in humility means that we are willing and able (because of His work in us) to set aside our cultural preferences, and serve others in a way that is beneficial for them, and that clearly shows it is God who is at wok in us. The questions is: How far are we supposed to go, setting our identity aside? Is there a limit for humility?

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Here there be pain


Serving others using what we are good at (e.g. passion, spiritual gifts, area of interest) is a great way to experience Spiritual Transformation, but it is not always the rush and excitement one would expect. Following Him in humility should come with a warning, like the maps used by explorers of old: Here there be pain. But His grace is enough.

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