Freedom in humility – Quickshot

An ever increasing ability to follow Him in humility is the end result of discipleship; there cannot be meaningful Spiritual Transformation without it.

This doesn’t mean that following Him where He wants us to go – which many times is not the place I want to go – it’s easy or painless. He has the tendency of going to places that expose my heart. But there is freedom in this humility produced by His Beauty: I’m free from the pressure of performance, of being always concerned about delivering, of the constant pull to be authentic in a way I am not.

He leads and equips. I follow. There is freedom.
What about you? What’s your biggest challenge with humility? What is its biggest benefit, for you?


Let’s go to Mars – Quickshot

For the longest I feared distraction / temptation from my previous profession. Now, He has affirmed His call for me: to follow Him humbly and help others to do likewise. Going to Mars is an amazing endeavor, but nothing compared to seeing Him in action restoring His people.


Is discipleship working? Here is how to know



We invest resources in discipleship because we know this is our call. We really want to see meaningful Spiritual Transformation in our own heart, and in those who are around us: family, friends, community. So, we labor and work hard in preaching, teaching, sharing, being vulnerable, pursuing community, disciplining.

But… How do we know all this is working? How do we know if we are witnessing the work of God the Holy Spirit? How do we know is not just the result of human effort?

Here is how.


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