Is there anyone else struggling with Summer plans?

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It may sound easy, but it is not.

There is just so much that can be done during Summer, that it is almost paralyzing, when the time comes to make a plan for it. Take heart, and do not dismay; come with a plan for this time of the year, and stick to it.

It will be good for your own Spiritual Transformation.

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Don’t talk about the weather… talk about your passion!

In one of the most important gatherings of the year – our Christmas party – I had the opportunity to talk to a lot of people. This time, starting a conversation was easier that ever, because I kept one of my passions at hand. Instead of just asking generic questions to start conversations, keeping my passion in the front burner allowed me to establish meaningful conversation with people I was meeting for the first time.

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What are the elements of real community?

Much has been writing about what real community should be. According to some of those writings, real community is really hard to obtained in a culturally diverse setting, like ours.

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Handling a busy schedule, while pursuing your passion

Yes, life is really this busyI know we all are busy, so, I will keep this post sweet and very short.

  • Fact : You love your passion or area of interest.
  • Fact : You want to see Spiritual Transformation, in you and others.
  • Fact : You are already busy doing many things.


How do you handle you busy schedule, so that you may have room for that passion of yours?


Lets talk about it in the comments section, below.


Give by grace, create community, proclaim good news.


Obstacles for spiritual transformation.


If you spend any amount of time around me, you will find rather quickly that I really, really like to encourage people to find and follow their passions.

I believe that the real life experiences that come from such a pursue are a very good environment to see, enjoy, and share the Beauty of Jesus Christ. The first beneficiaries of that interaction of faith and practice is one self.

If going after one’s passion, if investing in one’s area of interest as a way for spiritual formation is so important and fundamental, then… why is Spiritual Transformation so difficult to come about?

Lets talk about some of the obstacles we may face in our journey.

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Books to change the world

IlikeBooksI really do like books. And there are some that have had an impact in my current ministry. If you were to read these books, you will see where almost everything I say, and do, is coming from.

And, yes, the Bible is the foundation of my ministry and passion; that is so obvious that I didn’t include it in this list. I am also assuming that the Bible is fundamental for you, too.

So, beside the Bible, what are some books that may help you out in the pursue of your passion? Take a look at this list.

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What P90X has shown me about Spiritual Disciplines


If we are honest, the very word ‘discipline‘ projects a sense of hard work, struggle, and some pain. It takes a while for anyone to really get use to it, if ever.

But after a while, something very interesting happens…

No, I do not think you get used to it. Neither I believe that discipline loses its demands, its edge. But I think that it becomes part of you, if you are keeping it up for the right reasons.

At this point in time, discipline is still hard work – and even painful – but since you can see the changes it has produced in you, you are now encourage to keep do it, and maybe even a little bit more.

That happened to me recently.

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Lets talk about your adventures in grace.


So, you have started with the pursuit of your passion. You have invited others to join you, as a Support Team. And you all have a clear idea who you are serving – your Target Group. And after going full speed ahead with this pursue, you have now some experience under your belt.

Or maybe  it has all gone wrong. After all your attempts, this pesky business of doing all this in the context of diversity has proven more challenging than expected.

It does not matter. I still believe you have some stories to share, some adventures in grace that could be of encouragement for others.

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The down side of diversity – Is there any?

dialogueIf you spend any amount of time around me, you are bound to hear me saying that I’d like everyone to be a little uncomfortable. Being outside of your comfort zone allows you to test, for real, what you believe.

And there are not that many settings as uncomfortable as diversity.

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Do I have a passion? Really?

For many, the first challenge they face in the pursue of their passion is to find out what they are passionate about.

What do you think about that? Why is it so difficult to know your own passions?

You can leave your comments to help us all.


Give by grace, create community, proclaim good news.