Discipleship is bad for your ego


One central element of making disciples – may that be in your own family, if you are a parent, or among individuals with different cultural preferences – is the call to give ourselves away. This ability is what we call to follow Jesus Christ in humility.

It’s not easy.

It’s not pain free.

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The good thing about being dead – Quickshot

There are many good things about participating in the making of disciples, specially among Hispanic Americans and other culturally diverse setting. There are many words you can use to qualify such Kingdom-building endeavor, but “easy” is not one of them.

There is a lot of pressure, from many side, to perform, to do well, to be successful. And there seems to be a self-imposed idea that somehow results are equal to God’s blessing for us: the more people we reach, the more He will be impressed by our abilities, the more He will love us – at least that is the logic we live by.

To avoid this kind of reasoning, it would do us good to remember that we are not from this world. That human standards are never a good idea when we talk about His Kingdom, since they don’t always apply.  We are so not of this world that Scripture says we are dead for those who do not yet know Him. The Apostle Paul says, in Romans 8

As it is written,
“For your sake we are being killed all the day long;
we are regarded as sheep to be slaughtered.”

As a someone regarded equal to a sheep about to be slaughtered, there is no much room for pride, or for concern regarding how one is perceived by the world – it has made it crystal clear already. Sine we – His people – are considered to be dead to sin and the world, but alive for His glory and the benefit of others, there is real freedom for us, the past and our circumstances bear very little influence on the direction we should go, while waiting for Him to come back. We are not too much preoccupied with what legacy we are leaving behind (consider it: it is kind of funny to think a sheep about to be slaughtered to be meditating too much on that topic), but we are enjoying, here and now, the fact that our place in glory, in His glory, is secured by His Beauty.


That, familia, is the good thing about being dead already.


Remember His grace, Follow Him in Humility, Cultivate constantly, All in cultural diversity.






I’m not an orphan – realities of discipleship


It is true that to follow the Lord Jesus in humility is not an easy task. Yes, there is meaningful Spiritual Transformation when we follow the Christ into the places that only He would go, to love the people that only He would love. But since we are dealing with hearts stained by sin – including our very own – there is also pain, things do not go as planned, we do not get the desired results.

But this is true, also: He will never disown me. I will always be His adopted son, no matter what. None of my enemies – my sin, the world, Satan – will have the final word.

Because of Who He is and what He has done, I will never be an orphan.

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New definitions – Quickshot



The more clearly He allows me to see His Beauty, specially in this series of sermons based on Zechariah, the more He sets me free from the corrupted definitions of hope, peace, success. I do not deny the problems and challenges I’m facing as an individual. I’m also aware of the issues my family and congregation are going through. But because He is the unique King, He allows me to also be aware of His justice, His control and ownership of human history, and His surprising work of restoration in me.


Freedom in humility – Quickshot

An ever increasing ability to follow Him in humility is the end result of discipleship; there cannot be meaningful Spiritual Transformation without it.

This doesn’t mean that following Him where He wants us to go – which many times is not the place I want to go – it’s easy or painless. He has the tendency of going to places that expose my heart. But there is freedom in this humility produced by His Beauty: I’m free from the pressure of performance, of being always concerned about delivering, of the constant pull to be authentic in a way I am not.

He leads and equips. I follow. There is freedom.
What about you? What’s your biggest challenge with humility? What is its biggest benefit, for you?


What does it mean To Follow Jesus in Humility? – Podcast

Of being a stripper and making disciples


To follow Him in humility means that we are willing and able (because of His work in us) to set aside our cultural preferences, and serve others in a way that is beneficial for them, and that clearly shows it is God who is at wok in us. The questions is: How far are we supposed to go, setting our identity aside? Is there a limit for humility?

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I’m giving up


Success as defined by society – and sometimes by the Church – is loosing its attractiveness, more and more. At the same time, His Beauty is becoming more and more clear to me. This is either a sign of me not believing in my abilities, me not dreaming big enough, or the evidence of His work in me. I really believe that, either way, I need to give up.

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Intentionally looking for trouble.


When looking for evidence of growth in your own heart, ask yourself how intentionally are you putting yourself in situations that would challenge your cultural preferences, that would clearly show – to you – your total dependency on Him, while serving others using your passion / area of interest. Being intentional will serve you better than speaking Spanish, when making disciples among Hispanic Americans. #howto #discipleship #hispanics

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The risk of being too good at this

FollowInHumilityThe end result of discipleship is an ever increasing ability to follow Him in humility. It means that, the more God the Holy Spirit works in me, the easier it should be for me to step out of my own cultural preferences – stop being who I am naturally – to clearly show God’s work in me, and for the benefit of others. But sometimes, we can take that very work of God (His gift to us) and turn in into an idol that points to us.

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