Discipleship is also for the disciple-maker

myP-gnIt is easy to forget about your own heart.

Serving others, loving your community, working on opportunities for others to see, enjoy, and share the Beauty of Jesus Christ… and all this in cultural diversity!

It’s not easy.

But it is easy to forget that you also, even when you are discipling others, need to be cultivated as a humble follower of Jesus Christ; you also need to be discipled.

For the sake of those around you, do not forget your own heart.

For your own sake, don’t forget your own heart.

Everything else flows from your relationship with the Lord. He is the one that is transforming you, making it easier and easier for you to step out of your own human culture, for His glory and the benefit of others. If you try to accomplish that transformation without following the discipleship process you are promoting… it is not going to work.


Course correction.

You must, then, apply to your own Spiritual Transformation the process you are taking others through. Discipleship is also for the disciple-maker.

By following the same principles you are asking others to follow, you are validating the process. You are also showing those you are discipling that you are not that different from them, that even when on the surface you all may look different, at the end the need for the restoring work of God the Holy Spirit is needed by everyone, equally.

To correct the course, be sure you are following the same steps that everyone else in your group, but according to your own needs. Because of where you are in your own transformation, you may or not need someone else to help you. But, do not forget, you are being cultivated as a humble follower of Jesus Christ, not of someone else.


For you to consider.

  • How familiar are you with the discipleship process you are using with others?
  • For your own discipleship… How much interaction with others do you need?
  • Is there anything you would like to do differently, in the way you are being discipled?



Give by grace, create community, proclaim Good News.







Playing fort and making disciples

playing fort

There was no better game for me, when I was a little child in Mexico, than “casitas”, or playing fort. And if it was a rainy day, it was even better, since we believed we had a real excuse to build a shelter – never mind the fact that we always played indoors.

Playing fort, in so many ways, is similar to the launch of a Connecting Point to make disciples in diversity.

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Three building blocks to provide accountability to your Support Team

myP-cThere is very little than can be compared to be part of a group that is sharing the experience of Spiritual Transformation. There is something, you know, about being not alone, about being with others who are sharing, in one way or another, the same challenges, frustrations, hopes, dreams, and reality of getting to know God better, applying the gifts He has provided, and proclaiming His truth.

A key component of such a journey is a good accountability system. Here you have the three basic elements of that system.

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What is a Small Community?

A key instrument to experience spiritual transformation, in diverse settings

A key element to see Spiritual Transformation, in our own heart and the hearts of those around us, is the establishment of a solid community. This is particularly important if your pursuit is taking place in a culturally diverse setting.

Let me share with you a few ideas on how to reach that desired community.

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Prevent one of the biggest mistakes when looking for spiritual transformation in diversity

Spiritual Transformation is an exciting and worthy goal to pursue; there is little than can be compared to seeing the human heart becoming more and more alive, because of the work of God the Holy Spirit in it.

However, like in many other aspects of Christian life, culture can influence what we expect as the result of Spiritual Transformation; culture could give us the wrong idea of what Spiritual Transformation should look like.

Here you have some guidance on how to prevent this kind of mistake.

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Five consequences of seeing the beauty of Jesus Christ in diversity

Beauty always produces action, or movement. The more the Spirit allows us to see His beauty, the more we want to keep seeing His beauty. But, What are some of the practical consequences of seeing it?

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Five reasons to use your passion as a tool for spiritual transformation

With all the options available to go to the nations and make disciples, Why to use a passion-based approach for discipleship, in diversity? Let me give you five reasons.

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Discover a simple way to chose teaching material for your Support Team

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