Seeing His beauty

The Core Value I am studying now is the Lordship of Jesus Christ; I have learned a few things going through the book of Psalms looking for the phrase ‘the LORD is.’ But it has been a big blessing to see Him, first hand, exercising His Lordship: He gave us a great meeting with the parents of our chess players, and an awesome fund raiser for our Scouts troop. All this happening almost against human planning and desire.

Doing less to go deeper

After some honest and demanding questions were asked about my involvement with Small Communities, and Connecting Points, I was led by God to reduce the number of projects I was planning on getting involved, in order to invest more deeply in a particular Small Community.

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Brewing some beer for the Christmas season.

A seasonal Connecting Point I am now considering is brewing some beer for Christmas, and New Year celebrations. I will promote it using FB, and I will invite others from Una Eruditio to help out.

Promoting higher edudation – Helping with Deferred Action forms


It only took a call to two families in the community to get people to come to our first orientation session. The main foyer of our building was overflowing with parents, and their children, interested in learning more about the process to apply for Deferred Action.

It was very nice to have the opportunity to talk to them in a direct and loving way; we made it clear that we want to help regardless of their religious involvement. The parents were also challenged to consider the main purpose of this opportunity : to send their kids to college.

Almost at the end of the session, I told those who came that there was a price paid for our congregation in order to host that meeting, and that I would need them to payback as much as they could.

I asked them for three things.

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My Connecting Points for the next few months.

cpOkidoki. After a few days in prayer and meditation, I have come to a conclusion regarding my Connecting Points. Now, if you need a refresher about what a CP is, take a look at this.

I have chosen three areas I am very interested on : Education, Astronomy, and Disc Golf.

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Taking advantage of the current political environment

12 - 1

You know that I am considering different ways to introduce God’s Word and God’s people, to the community around me. That is what I call connecting points.

After a season of prayer, I thought I had selected two connecting points out of my current inventory. Then again, maybe that is not the case. Not after the visit of this afternoon to a local apartment complex.

I went to visit some kids that play at our chess club with the main purpose of talking to their parents, since they are part of the group of people we want to serve. It was a very productive evening. In my last stop, the conversation with one of the dads turned to soccer and politics. We talked about the implications of President Obama’s executive order that allows some children of immigrants to stay here, and go to college. “I really need your help on this one,” that concern parent said.

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Take a look at one of my possible connecting points

An inventory of Connecting Points


A Connecting Point is a way to introduce God’s Word and God’s People to those around me, based on one of my passions or area of interest.The idea here is that the CPs could be the initial step to start a Small Community.

As of July 2012, these are some possible CPs for this coming school year:

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