A sign of health – a community developed naturally

You can learn so much observing children.

In a recent meeting for parents of our Small Community – the Gwinnett Chess Co. – one of our players came prepared to enjoy a real sense of community, in diversity.

It is when community is developed naturally, without any kind of pressure to make it happen, that you can measure the real health of you disciples-making approach.

After observing our kids, here are a few things I learn about it.

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How a conversation with a 5-year old helped my own spiritual transformation

Teaching chess may not bring images of high emotions, adrenaline raising scenarios, or a deep sense of urgency. In other words, teaching chess may look boring.

But it is not. 

It is the passion I’m pursuing, and as such it has presented me with the need of explaining what I believe -to myself and to others. And at those moments, when the Spirit brings the right words to mind, so that I can explain what He’s allowed me to believe, is that I marvel at His faithfulness, my faith is increased, and He brings me closer to Him.

The challenge of answering questions regarding spiritual issues, allows me to advance in my own Spiritual Transformation.

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Spring Day Camp

We will have another parent meeting today, to talk about the day camp of next week. Our first meeting, a few weeks back, was a great success. The idea that we are a Small Community of parents working together towards one goal (our passion, our area of interest) is really taking root with our Support Team and Target Group.

Seeing His beauty

The Core Value I am studying now is the Lordship of Jesus Christ; I have learned a few things going through the book of Psalms looking for the phrase ‘the LORD is.’ But it has been a big blessing to see Him, first hand, exercising His Lordship: He gave us a great meeting with the parents of our chess players, and an awesome fund raiser for our Scouts troop. All this happening almost against human planning and desire.

The Gwinnett Chess Co.

Our kids, hard at work

We had a great meeting, last night, at The Gwinnett Chess Co. Not only we have our kids playing better chess, they are growing closer to each other and working more as a team. And next week we will have a chess parents meeting!

Our new chess season is on the way!

Practice with notation sheets and clocks

Despite of weather and illness – I am sick as a dog – we were able to start with our first chess lesson, of the new season. Those who are part of my Support Team were there, the kids played very well, and the whole session had a feeling of moving at the right pace and direction. Now, I just need to work out the final details for the ST meetings.

How we are turning TGCC into a Small Community, with the goal of spiritual transformation

Our Lord has given us the critical mass to turn The Gwinnett Chess Co. into a Small Community. And even when we have the purpose of making our club the place to play chess in Gwinnett, we are still keeping the main goal in mind : we want to see Spiritual Transformation in us, and in those we are serving.

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Doing less to go deeper

After some honest and demanding questions were asked about my involvement with Small Communities, and Connecting Points, I was led by God to reduce the number of projects I was planning on getting involved, in order to invest more deeply in a particular Small Community.

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Don’t talk about the weather… talk about your passion!

In one of the most important gatherings of the year – our Christmas party – I had the opportunity to talk to a lot of people. This time, starting a conversation was easier that ever, because I kept one of my passions at hand. Instead of just asking generic questions to start conversations, keeping my passion in the front burner allowed me to establish meaningful conversation with people I was meeting for the first time.

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It wasn’t easy, but we are going for more.

We are done with our current chess season, at The Gwinnett Chess Co., and it has been quite a ride. I wanted it to be a Small Community, but at the beginning I was not able to get a Support Team. It was hard to find tournaments for our kids to play at. And often, the over all level of activity was very demanding.

But on every step of the way, He confirmed his presence with us. So, we kept on going.

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