Three building blocks to provide accountability to your Support Team

myP-cThere is very little than can be compared to be part of a group that is sharing the experience of Spiritual Transformation. There is something, you know, about being not alone, about being with others who are sharing, in one way or another, the same challenges, frustrations, hopes, dreams, and reality of getting to know God better, applying the gifts He has provided, and proclaiming His truth.

A key component of such a journey is a good accountability system. Here you have the three basic elements of that system.

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Is there anyone else struggling with Summer plans?

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It may sound easy, but it is not.

There is just so much that can be done during Summer, that it is almost paralyzing, when the time comes to make a plan for it. Take heart, and do not dismay; come with a plan for this time of the year, and stick to it.

It will be good for your own Spiritual Transformation.

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Passion for literature as a way to relieve anti-American sentiments

A shared passion, or area of interest, is a powerful tool for understanding between different cultures, helping to overcome great obstacles like politics, economy, and language.

That is the main premise here, at

And I was recently reminded of this reality by an article published in Poets & Writers. Keep reading to find out how a shared love for the written word helps alleviate the result of a bitter war.

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What do I do for a living? I am a steward of God’s grace

Imagine a passion like this, restored by the power of God’s gospel, and fuel with grace, community, and proclamation of the good news.


Getting ready to share – Preparing yourself for gospel conversations

As much fun as it is to pursue one’s Restored Passion, it is very important that we remember the main goal of such a pursue : to see God in action bringing Spiritual Transformation. And that transformation could start with a gospel conversation between you and some other person involved in your Connecting Point, or Small Community. Are you ready for that conversation?

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Now that we are in 2013

What a difference a change in the calendar makes! Going from December to January is a big change, even when we are still in the same Fiscal Year. At any rate, here are some of my personal plans, for this 2013, in the pursue of my passions.

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Don’t talk about the weather… talk about your passion!

In one of the most important gatherings of the year – our Christmas party – I had the opportunity to talk to a lot of people. This time, starting a conversation was easier that ever, because I kept one of my passions at hand. Instead of just asking generic questions to start conversations, keeping my passion in the front burner allowed me to establish meaningful conversation with people I was meeting for the first time.

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What are the elements of real community?

Much has been writing about what real community should be. According to some of those writings, real community is really hard to obtained in a culturally diverse setting, like ours.

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Becoming an APE – a book review

CoverAPEI met Guy Kawasaki several years ago. And by ‘met’ I mean I’ve read some of the books he has written over the years. If you come to visit my church, or if you spend enough time around me, you will see how influential The Art of The Start has been in my ministry, for instance.

The more I learned about his newest book – APE Author * Publisher * Entrepreneur  – the more I thought about purchasing it, once it was released, since it is one of my desires to put some of my personal experiences on writing, for the benefit of future generations of church planters. So, you can imagine my reaction when the opportunity came to review the book before it was generally available.

But, Why to review a book about how to become a published author here, in Fuel For Your Passion? I asked myself the same question. I was hoping that the entrepreneur section had something related to the pursue of one’s passion – which is one of the main topics of this blog – giving me a good angle to look at the book.


But that was not the case.

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Handling a busy schedule, while pursuing your passion

Yes, life is really this busyI know we all are busy, so, I will keep this post sweet and very short.

  • Fact : You love your passion or area of interest.
  • Fact : You want to see Spiritual Transformation, in you and others.
  • Fact : You are already busy doing many things.


How do you handle you busy schedule, so that you may have room for that passion of yours?


Lets talk about it in the comments section, below.


Give by grace, create community, proclaim good news.