Generosity – a sign of His work in you

FLIGHTPATH Pursuing your passion in a context that is of disadvantage for your, i.e. in a setting that is culturally diverse, can clearly expose your heart showing you your idolatry, but also demonstrating His work in you. One particular fruit of that work would be your desire to give generously and freely to others. 

Passion: Teaching * Service audience: Kids, 5 to 12 year old * Fuel Element: Cultural diversity * Type: R&D


Well, here we are on the other side of Spring Break and Holy Week. They were two very busy, demanding but productive weeks. For the first time we hosted Camp Leonardo – Spring Break, and we were almost to capacity! Kids had a blast and, judging by their comments, I know the parents were also blessed. But there is very little time to rest, now… the end of the school year is around the corner and we must get ready for the two weeks of Camp Leonardo – Summer.

What gets me really excited is the opportunity to pursue one of my passions, teaching math & science, in a way that stimulates my creativity and may help me to improve, as a teacher. For the longest I have had the desire to teach these topics using a minimal amount of teaching material. At one point I thought about using nothing but balsa wood, rubber bands, glue and paper to present the basic principles of our areas of study. Well, this year I do get to do something like that! I will be teaching aerodynamics and board game design, with an investment in teaching material of less than $80.00 for twenty students for two weeks.

What’s scary about it is the fact that I will be teaching from a point of disadvantage. I am going to be pursuing my passion for teaching in a setting that, culturally speaking, is not my preference. Language will be an issue. Values will be different. And an appreciation, a real and deep appreciation for all my labor may not take place.


I will be teaching kids, 5 to 11 years of age.



You may be wondering the why behind my desire to subject my self to such a demanding environment. The truth is that serving others from a point of disadvantage is very helpful for your own Spiritual Transformation. When you engage in disciple-making in a culturally diverse setting, that setting will clearly expose what is in your own heart. You may be the only one that sees that reality, but it is extremely important that you see it. And there, in your heart, you will see your own idolatry, you will see those cultural preferences you hold in very high steem… somethings higher than the Good News of salvation that Jesus Christ, God the Son, freely offers to everyone.


In other words, serving in cultural diversity will give you opportunities to repent and confess.


But it will also show you, clearly, the work He has done in you.


Cultural diversity, then, will provide you with reasons to celebrate!


A clear piece of evidence of His work in you is your desire to give to others in a generous way, even when gratitude from your service audience is not guarantied… at least not exactly in the amount you – humanly speaking – believe you deserve.


I want to teach the best class possible about physics and mathematics. I welcome the challenge of teaching these topics using very little material. My creativity engine is in over-drive, already! But all this may be coming from my own passion, giftedness, areas of interest. But pursuing excellency in teaching in an cultural setting that is not mine, having the desire to give freely and generously because I know I have received freely and generously from the Triune God of Scripture, that is a sign of His work in me.


CALL TO ACTION Next time you serve others through the pursuit of your passion, be sure that you do it from a point of disadvantage. Be sure, also, to celebrate His work in you. Don’t forget to share.


Remember His grace, Follow Him in humility, Cultivate constantly, All in cultural diversity.






Delight in prayer – a sign of spiritual transformation

It’s the season, I know. Each time, when the end of the year is this close – 2017 is only a few days away from now – I always get into the frenzy of reviewing and setting goals. This year it is particularly more demanding, because of the current stage of my service to others; it is at a very critical part of its development, and almost every single detail, no matter who simple it may seem, has a big repercussion in the whole of it. In the midst of all this, the LORD reminded me of how much He has restored me with a very simple indicator of His work: my delight in prayer.

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Praying for the impossible – Quickshot

I am reading a book – the story of L’Abri – that has challenged me in an unexpected way: Do I really believe all of what Scripture talks about? Do I believe there is but one God who is personal, intentional, holy? Do I believe He responds to His people’s prayer?

The truth is that I do and don’t.

Then, to die more to the flesh, to decrease so that He may increase in me, to express real concern for those who are not like me, to see Him more clearly He has moved me to pray for the impossible. Yes, the impossible. This morning I started praying for something that, unless this personal God who is there and is neither silent nor inactive intervenes, will never happen.


Remember His grace, Follow Him in humility, Cultivate constantly, All in cultural diversity.





Looking for trouble in all the right places

Just a brief audio note about why we are pursuing our passion for disciple-making in a culturally diverse setting.

And yes, I was driving around while I recorded this.


Striping down my heart to find out what I really treasure


Serving others in cultural diversity removes all the hiding places, all the cultural shields (idols?) I like to use to create a comfort zone. But it is there, where my heart is stripped down to its raw core where I can see what I really believe. It is there where my true identity is clearly exposed. It is there where I can really rejoice in what He has accomplished in me.

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Cultural diversity exposes my heart


It may be romantic, trendy, and a little like living on the edge, but serving among Hispanic Americans is not an easy task. Why, then, would any one want to try to make disciples in this setting, intentionally? Because a culturally diverse setting will, for sure, be used by the Spirit to show you your heart. In cultural diversity there is almost no room to hide your idols.

#discipleship #hispanic #howto

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Looking for your passion? Try cultural diversity


If you want to know what your passion is, if you want to be sure you know your spiritual gifts, then be sure you are all in, that you put yourself out there – among people who is not like you – where it would be easier fro you to see Him in action, and where it would be easier for you to know your total dependency on His grace.

Yes, cultural diversity is that good for you.

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Being diverse w/o being extreme


Cultural diversity starts just outside your epidermis. A difference of opinion, different preference on food – or how to eat it – constitute another Culture Circle. So, you do not have to wait until you are among people totally different than you, to start fueling your passion right, and making disciples.

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Cultural differences are overrated

Yes, they are. Clearly, on the surface we may look different – skin color, language, food preferences – but when you compare what’s deep inside each of us, you’ll find out that we have the same basic needs, longings, and fears.

It’s at that depth where the Good News operate, and it’s effective. This is the very reason we can, we all can, make disciples even in a culturally diverse setting. #hispanic #discipleship #culture #challenge

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The reward of discipleship in cultural diversity


We attempt to make disciples for many reasons, but the main motivator should be the possibility of being there, front and center, when God the Holy Spirit does His work of restoration. It could be on the heart of some of the people we are serving, or it could be on our own heart – yes, Spiritual Transformation is also for the disciple-maker.

This transformation is easier to see when discipleship takes place in a culturally diverse setting, when you serve others who are not like you.   #discipleship #hispanic #diversity #culture #seeinggod

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