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Cultural diversity exposes my heart


It may be romantic, trendy, and a little like living on the edge, but serving among Hispanic Americans is not an easy task. Why, then, would any one want to try to make disciples in this setting, intentionally? Because a culturally diverse setting will, for sure, be used by the Spirit to show you your heart. In cultural diversity there is almost no room to hide your idols.

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Recently, two very distinct events exposed some areas of my heart that require attention. Spiritual attention. I went to get my driver’s license, and I traveled a few thousands of miles to visit another country.

In both cases I was operating in a culture that, humanly speaking, is not my own – even when in both cases I was able to speak the language. And in both cases, I was a little surprised by the things I have come to hold dear. Things like punctuality, efficiency, civility, extra large cups of coffee, and rules to govern how one must drive a motor vehicle.

By exposing my heart, the Lord showed me how much work there still is in me, that He needs to do. He is not done, I am not a finished product. After all these years, I am not a finished product. He is still cultivating me as a humble follower of His. He used these culturally diverse settings to remove all possible hiding places, places where I could pretend, act, cover up. There were three things that came out of He showing me my heart:

  1. Gratitude, for His patience with me.
  2. Humility, that will help to keep my pride at bay.
  3. A deeper desire and ability to be patience with others.


Then, if you have been avoiding making disciples in a cultural setting that is not yours, think again; it may be good for your own heart. And, if you have been serving in this kind of environments, but you are still holding to your idols, err, cultural preferences, think again also; you may be in more need that what you thought.



What has been the biggest benefit, for you, of disciple-making among Hispanic Americans? And, the biggest challenge? Fell free to share.


Remember His grace, Follow Him in humility, Cultivate constantly, All in cultural diversity.




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