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Delight in prayer – a sign of spiritual transformation

It’s the season, I know. Each time, when the end of the year is this close – 2017 is only a few days away from now – I always get into the frenzy of reviewing and setting goals. This year it is particularly more demanding, because of the current stage of my service to others; it is at a very critical part of its development, and almost every single detail, no matter who simple it may seem, has a big repercussion in the whole of it. In the midst of all this, the LORD reminded me of how much He has restored me with a very simple indicator of His work: my delight in prayer.

A few days back I wrote my Resolutions 2017, the document I believe will guide my cultivation as a humble follower of Jesus Christ, and my desire of helping others to do the same. It’s only two pages long, but it covers each part of the discipleship process I will follow for the next twelve months. Most of its entries are divided in things that, with God’s help, I will flee from and the things I will pursue. Almost all the entries in this document were things that are very me, you know. What I mean is that I was not surprised by my desire to include those items in my list of resolutions.

But then, I wrote this under the section dedicated to my plans to share His Beauty:

I resolve to flee not begging Him on behalf of those He’s called me to serve and love.


Wow! Where did that come from? You see, I am not known for being a man of prayer. So many times I jump into action – I love jumping into action! To resolve the problem, to plan, to strategize… that is me, all the way!  But, to slow down and pray???

Well, yes. He has grown in me a delight for prayer. My time with Him, doing nothing but chatting through prayer has become – thanks to Him – something I really enjoy and long for. This change is to the point that I am praying for things that are humanly impossible. I am praying for people who is not like me. I am begging Him in behalf of people who appreciate a different set of cultural preferences. I know I can do nothing for them. I know I cannot provide what their souls long for.

I can’t.

Be He does. I know He does.


In prayer to our Triune God, to the God that is there, Who is not silent, and Who is intentionally active, He allows me to express my total dependency on His Beauty, and He gives me sweet, intimate moments with Him.

What a great way to see that He is faithfully restoring my heart, right?


Remember His grace, Follow Him in humility, Cultivate constantly, All in cultural diversity.







What are some of the changes you can see Him bringing to your own heart? How difficult is it for you to set aside your cultural preferences, for His glory and the benefit of others? How persistent is your contact, your interaction with those who are not like you?


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