Discipleship and satisfaction – a brief commentary


We can pursue disciple-making for many reasons that are not in line with Him. Making disciples among the nations can play into our own idolatry, feeding on our abilities, on our cultural preferences. How could we know if that is the case or not in our journey? Take a close look at the status of your heart. Is there satisfaction in there, because of His Beauty?

What is satisfaction?

I like to eat, and I have been blessed with access to great food. My mom was a great cook, my wife and daughter are amazing, and many people at our local congregation know their way around the kitchen and an open fire.

Satisfaction is like having a great meal.

When you are really, really hungry.

Being satisfied, as we strive to follow God the Son in humility, means that we look at life with the right perspective, it means that He is giving us the ability to see the here and now from the right point of view. Problems do not disappear and reality is pretty much present, but we can contemplate all of it, all of our circumstances with an eternal perspective, from the point of view of the finished work of Christ in our behalf.

The future glory with Him is secured, and there is nothing and no one that could change that. Our heart is, then, satisfied. Our heart was hungry, it was longing for something it couldn’t find here. It was being wasted away pursuing idols, and then He came along and provided what our heart was looking for. Like a exquisite banquet for a destitute, like a table set in the wilderness the benefits of His Beauty provided the satisfaction we have been longing for.

This isn’t

Being satisfied, here and now, because of what His Beauty (His Person and His Work) has accomplished for His glory and our benefit, does not mean we are absolutely happy, or that we do not have a deep desire for more of Him; that desire will only be satisfied once we enter into eternity. Satisfaction neither means absence of pain in our daily life.

And definitively, satisfaction is not an excuse to ignore our problems, or dismiss them as not important or real.

Satisfaction and humility

There is a link between being satisfied and the idea one carries in the heart regarding self-worth, how much one really needs God, and what is the best way to approach Him.

In other words, our idea of the good life, the way we make sense of life, our worldview – all of them are synonyms – are a big influence in our ability to find, or not, satisfaction in what He provides for us.

Unless our worldview is corrected by the implications of His Beauty, satisfaction will remain elusive for us.



  • How strong of an influence in your daily life is the future glory with Him?
  • What gives you satisfaction, even in the midst of pain and suffering?
  • What habits could you cultivate to consider the here and now in the context of His finished work in you?

Think about these questions, and feel free to come back and share your thoughts.

Remember His grace, Follow Him in humility, Cultivate constantly, All in cultural diversity.