These are the fundamentals that drive almost all the content you will find here:

1. The Good News are powerful enough to overcome cultural barriers.
2. The Good News are powerful enough to redeemed our passions, areas of interest.
3. In this life we will never be done with discipleship.
4. Discipleship is also for the disciple maker.
5. He can use the pursuit of our passions / areas of interest to bring others unto Him.


Purpose exists to share the experience of making disciples in cultural diversity – particularly among Hispanic Americans – in a way that may help, equip, support and encourage others to experience the same meaningful Spiritual Transformation, for their own heart and for the heart of those around them.

Is this for me?

That is, really, a very good and necessary question to ask.  Even when the call to make disciples is for all believers, because of the particulars of disciple-making within a culturally diverse setting, the following are some of the characteristics a believer called by God into this kind of service must have:

[  ] A desire to grow in your ability to follow Christ, humbly.

[  ] An interest in other human cultures.

[  ] An idea, a hint of what your spiritual gift, area of interest, passions really are.

[  ] The desire to see God changing your own heart, and the heart of those around you.

[  ] A drive to put yourself in situations that may be uncomfortable, for His glory and the benefit of others.

[  ] A mild tolerance to pain and suffering


The Four Fuel Elements

In order to experience that aforementioned transformation, you must pursue your passion (area of interest, gift) in the context of serving others, and fuel that pursuit with these Elements:

  1. God’s grace. Any other reason, drive, engine would simply not do. You must know His grace – and remember it constantly – in order to participate in this journey. Remembering His grace for you will allow you to also extend grace toward others, which is of vital importance in a culturally diverse setting.
  2. A clear end result in mind. To know if we are going in the right direction we must know where we are going. Our final destination here is an ever-increasing ability to disregard one’s own cultural preferences, for His glory and the benefit of others. Humility is what we call this ability.
  3. A persistent process. Persistent as in never-ending. I know, it sounds like a lot of work… and it is. Discipleship is never completely done in this life. We will never finish. We will never graduate. Not until He comes or He calls us home. This process is more like a spiral than a straight line: it presents His eternal truths, each time  in a deeper way.
  4. A humbling environment. Here, what we are looking for is an environment where we can serve others and, at the same time, where it would be difficult to hide our idols, a place where our heart can be exposed so that we can see Him more clearly. Cultural diversity is that environment.


Ways to participate

  • Consider how to implement the content you find here to your particular context.
  • Come back and share your experience with others by leaving a comment.
  • Ask questions or make comments via our Contact page.
  • Become part of our crew! You can do that at the Register page.


Thank you so very much for your time.

Remember His grace, Follow Him in humility, Cultivate constantly, All in cultural diversity.