How long would you wait?


How long would you wait to see the Triune God of Scripture and History working among those whom you are serving? The answer to this question can reveal the real intentions of our hear, and it can be an useful tool in our own Spiritual Transformation. Ask it frequently.

“It has been very difficult for me,” was the response from this man, whom I had not seen in several months, when I asked him how he was coping with the lost of his father. He added, “I feel depressed, often.” These two phrases represented the deepest, more intimate conversation we had ever had. And I have know this man for several years, by now.

Honestly speaking Рas always Рat some point of our relationship I just simply gave up in ever having the opportunity to speak about spiritual matters with him. I often texted him, trying to keep in touch, but he never responded. At the beginning we saw each other in a regular, weekly bases. But then things happened and I would see him rarely. He was always courteous  and expressed a level of happiness to see me. But nothing came of those encounters.

I kept praying for him.

I kept texting him.

I kept asking why should I keep doing all this for a relationship that was, clearly, lost.

See, we often want to see results we can measure in a time table acceptable to us. The call of making disciples has very little to do with results according to our cultural preferences, and it has almost everything to do with Spiritual Transformation… for us, as disciples-makers, and for those around us. But it is God the Holy Spirit, the Third Person of the Holy Trinity, who does the work of transformation.

It is not us.

My desire to continue being in contact with this man was not coming from me. It was the clear evidence of His work in my own heart. Humanly speaking, I had already gave up on him. But our LORD kept me moving, giving me a desire, a longing to see Him acting.

Disciple-making, then, is about seeing Him producing in us unnatural desires and longings for His glory, not for “results.”

That – an opportunity to see His Beauty in action –¬† should be our motivation. We should desire to see Him restoring the human heart, no matter how long the wait.


What are your motivations to make disciples?

What is the most difficult thing about not seeing results according to your cultural preferences?

What are the indicators, in your life, that show He is the one working through you?

Remember His grace, Follow Him in humility, Cultivate constantly, All in cultural diversity.