I confessed my fears and this is what He responded

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How prayer has become a source of delight, as I strive to follow Him in humility, and an unexpected answer to my confessions.

Prayer has become a source of real delight for me. The improvement I have seen in my practice of this Spiritual Discipline started a few years ago, when I took the training offered by Prayer Current. Out of this training I’ve got not only a deep sense of urgency for prayer, but also a set of tools and guides that allows me to be more intentional, more Kingdom-oriented while I pray.

During my normal work week I have specific times that I dedicate to pray for the leaders of my congregation, for the need of His people (pastoral prayers), and for the preaching of His Word, with each of these sessions based on a specific portion of Scripture. Using His Word as the launching pad for my prayers keeps me focus and, at the same time, provides some latitude for this intimate time with Him.

It was during one of those times, a few days ago, when I was praying for the sermon of the following Sunday, that I felt the need to confess my fears. Now, I know I have many of them, but being the person I am, I kind of put them all together under three main headers.

In prayer, I confessed that I am afraid that:

  • I am angry and bitter.
  • I am stubborn, not really listening to Him.
  • I am disloyal.

And then, I just waited.

With my pen and my journal ready, I waited.

I didn’t say anything else. I was in silence, pen to paper, waiting to hear from Him.


And this is what I wrote…

Alex, I never told you that I’d be done with you on this life. Embrace your so called shortcomings. I’m not surprised by them, and I’m willing and able to use them for my glory. Isn’t that what you desire the most? To see my glory?

Know your fears by holding them against the radiance of my glory that is coming. You are closer to enter my eternity than what you think. And remember, I am more interested in restoring your heart than in just fixing you. Now, there is no need to fear, but to repent and confess… yes.

You don’t have to guess if I really love you. Look at my Word, look at your life, look at your local church!

I will see you soon, Alex.


Am I claiming that God the Holy Spirit inspired me to write this? Are these words as inspired as Scripture?


But what I am saying is that prayer can give you real intimacy with Him, that prayer can be this profound and delightful.


Call to action

This time it’s very simple: I beg you to make room for prayer. Put it in your calendar, make an appointment with the One who loves you the most, and use His word as a guide. You will be surprised, too.


Remember His grace for you, Follow Him in humility, Cultivate hearts constantly, All in cultural diversity.