I don’t want more, I want better

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Discipleship is a constant pursuit – we will never be perfectly done on this side of glory. However, we must be alert to the changes His Beauty is bringing to our own heart, and the heart of those we are serving. Here are some of the changes He has brought to the source of my delight.

I don’t want more anymore, I want better.

I don’t want more people in my ministry for the sake of numbers, I want better relationships with the people God has already placed in my life.

I don’t want more fame – not that I have any right now, I want better influence.

I don’t want more money, I want better stewardship.

I don’t want more “church” , I want better appreciation of Word and Sacraments.

I don’t want more knowledge, I want better understanding & wisdom.

I don’t want more groups for our congregation, I want better Spiritual Transformation.

I don’t want more resources, I want better aware of Kingdom opportunities.

I don’t want more activities, I want better intimacy.

I don’t want more of me, I want better time with Him.

I don’t want more of society, I want better understanding of His glory that is to come.


Call to action

Consider this questions and feel free to share your answer,

What do you want better of?


Remember His grace, Follow Him in humility, Cultivate constantly, All in cultural diversity.