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I’m giving up


Success as defined by society – and sometimes by the Church – is loosing its attractiveness, more and more. At the same time, His Beauty is becoming more and more clear to me. This is either a sign of me not believing in my abilities, me not dreaming big enough, or the evidence of His work in me. I really believe that, either way, I need to give up.

Ministry life is still difficult : families in need, financial challenges, we people not responding in the way we should. But, What else is new, right? Because I’m serving in a culturally diverse setting – and this, by design – I know this is not only normal, but that it will be the way things are going to be, for the foreseeable future.

Honestly, I’m not sure if I really never thought about it or that, if at some point, I believed this challenging scenario would eventually disappear, maybe by the time I was a successful minister, a good disciple-maker.

Now, I’m aware that success, as define by the world and sometimes by the Church, may never come. I am OK with this because I’m now convinced being considered a success is not my call.

I need to give up on trying.

I have read a lot of books, I have gone to conferences, I have met with very successful ministers, businessmen, entrepreneurs. For a while, I was consumed by going from good to great. Now, I do not want to drive the bus, I do not want to decide who gets in, out or in the right sit. I want to follow Him in humility. I want Him to sit me in the right place.

It is His bus, after all.

And if I know anything is that humbly following Him is never within my comfort zone.

It is always satisfying. It’s always a blessing for me. It’s the way we grow in the knowledge of His grace. But is not always, necessarily, free of pain or comfortable.


Now, I’m not against measuring Spiritual Transformation; I believe that He is faithful to the point of providing evidence of what He is doing and accomplishing. So, when I look at my family, when I see how He’s changing my own heart, and when I see Him at work in the life of the congregation He has called me to shepherd, I clearly see His Beauty. In this challenging setting, He allows me to enjoy that Beauty and, as He continues His work in me, He produces in me the desire to share with others the story He is writing with my life, without me being in charge of the outcome.


And to all that, with His help, I will never give up.


Remember His grace, Follow Him in humility, Cultivate constantly, All in Cultural diversity.



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