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Intentionally looking for trouble.


When looking for evidence of growth in your own heart, ask yourself how intentionally are you putting yourself in situations that would challenge your cultural preferences, that would clearly show – to you – your total dependency on Him, while serving others using your passion / area of interest. Being intentional will serve you better than speaking Spanish, when making disciples among Hispanic Americans. #howto #discipleship #hispanics

How bad do you want to see Him in action?

How willing are you to let your guard down, to step out of your own cultural preferences – which we all know are the best humanity has to offer, right? – and love others through service?


It is in that stage of vulnerability that you can really see if you are experiencing meaningful Spiritual Transformation; His work is easier to identify when we try to make disciples in a culturally diverse setting.  And about this setting, let me tell you two things:

  1. It may be painful. For sure, at least, it will be uncomfortable for you.
  2. Cultural diversity is, well, diverse.


This week I really challenged myself to serve a group of people I have very, very little in common with. Not only they speak a different language, their whole worldview is different than mine: we make sense of this life using a very different scale of values and points of references.

They are six year old kids.


You are laughing now, but go ahead and try it, try to serve these kids well.

That is a challenge.

A challenge that shows, to me, my fears, my idols, my insecurities… my desire to see them coming to the knowledge of His grace, my great love and concern for them and their parents. This culturally diverse setting is showing me that He is at work in me. It helps me to see how much work He still needs to do but, at the same time, it shows me how much progress His Good News have made in this heart, formerly of stone and now alive.

Familia, cultural diversity is very good for your own spiritual formation, and it is not that far away from you. You just need to look around, be intentional, and completely dependent on His Beauty.



Identify the closest group of people that are culturally different from you. How could you serve them, from your passion and weakness?


Remember His grace, Follow Him in humility, Cultivate constantly, All in Cultural diversity.



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