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Is He still at work? Look at your own heart.



It’s great to see people responding to our efforts to be a blessing to them, especially when they are different than us; that is one of the thrills of making disciples in a culturally diverse setting. But do not forget: As disciple-makers we also need to be cultivated as humble followers of Jesus Christ. Look at His work of restoration in your own heart, and do not be distracted by human metrics of ministry success. #hispanic #discipleship #howto #metrics

It feels really good when people respond well to what we are trying to do, in our attempt to bless them and make disciples. And it is particularly exciting when our service takes place in a setting that is culturally diverse, when the beneficiaries of the pursuit of our passion are members of other culture.

If you have served in this kind of environment, you also know the other side of this type of ministry. You know how it fells when no one respond, or they just don’t get any of it.

Making disciples among Hispanic Americans can be a real downer, some times.

To avoid a dependency of “results”, on what human metrics say a successful ministry should look like, we need to remember that He is faithful, always faithful, and that even if no one else seems to be experiencing a meaningful Spiritual Transformation, He is for sure at work in your own heart.

Have you look at it recently?

I know, with all what ministry requires, it’s very easy to forget about the fact that we, the disciple-makers, also need to be discipled, that we also need to be cultivated as humble followers of Jesus Christ. And that following Him, humbly, many times require from us to give a hard look at the source of our comfort.

In other words, humility forces us to consider our own idols.

And that is a way He cultivates our own heart.

And that may be the only Spiritual Transformation that, in His Providence, He has planned for this time in your ministry. Which is good, since His work in you should be the engine that moves you to love Him and love those around you, regardless of how people respond.


For you to consider

Can you see His work in you? Regardless of external metrics, Are you increasing in your ability to love Him and love others? Are those others different than you?


Remember His grace, Follow Him in humility, Cultivate constantly, all in cultural diversity.





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