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It is easy to forget Who is in charge


We are blessed beyond the craziest dream. And all these blessings – when we mixed them with our sin – produce in us a false sense of reliability on our strength, making the very thing we are good at – a gift from Him – into an idol. Because of our sin and cultural preferences, it is very easy to forget Who is in charge. #hispanic #discipleship #howto

The other night I saw it, again: four individuals, all from different cultural backgrounds, some Hispanic Americans, others clearly not, overcoming barriers because they all share the same passion, art. They were talking animadamente, even when they didn’t share an interest on the exact same artistic expression!


I do believe that He can restore us back to Himself, completely. I believe that, in His providence, He has provided for us spiritual gifts, areas of interest, passions that when restored by Him, can be used to make disciples of the nations.


But I also believe that our struggle with sin is persistent, here and now. And we are very, very cleaver sinners. We can change that very gift He has given us into an idol. The things we are good at, the things we are interested at, the things we are passionate about can move us away from Him, because of our sin.


How can this be prevented? By constantly remember His grace. Yes, I know it is a little uncomfortable to remember the pit from where He rescued us. To think about the kind of sinners we really are can have a dent in our self-esteem and, according to the world, that is something we must avoid at all cost, right? But, when we remember His grace we also bring His love, mercy, faithfulness to the front burner. Remembering His grace is an opportunity to delight in His Beauty, in Who He is and what He has done.


Then, next time you feel like losing your cool when dealing with people who may not be as gifted as you, next time you are applying your gift and it doesn’t go exactly the way you think it should, remember His grace. Remember how much He has forgiven you. Remember how much you have offended Him. And remember how much He has loved you.



Take a few moments to praise Him for His work in you. Then, consider formal way to remember His grace for you.


Remember His grace, Follow Him in humility, Cultivate constantly, All in cultural diversity.



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