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Looking for your passion? Try cultural diversity


If you want to know what your passion is, if you want to be sure you know your spiritual gifts, then be sure you are all in, that you put yourself out there – among people who is not like you – where it would be easier fro you to see Him in action, and where it would be easier for you to know your total dependency on His grace.

Yes, cultural diversity is that good for you.

I know people who can do amazing things. Effortlessly. They are real naturals. I also know people, mostly young adults, who are not sure what their giftedness really is. They have many interests, but they are not sure if they should pursue any of them with all their available resources invested in the journey.

For individuals in either group, cultural diversity is a great (fundamental?) environment for their own spiritual formation. If you already know what your gift, area of interest, passion is, then applying it for the benefit of others in a setting that is not your own will allow you not only to improve it, but it it has also the potential of assisting you in unmasking any idols in your heart. But if you do not know what you are here for, if you are still struggling deciding how to bless others, for God’s glory and the benefit of those you are serving, then this is what you need to do:

  1. Pick a passion, any passion. Here the most important thing is not necessarily to pick something you have already mastered. Maybe you think you are not “good enough” in any particular area to be a blessing for others. Don’t worry. God is willing and able to use you, no matter your skill level. Just pick the first passion / area of interest / spiritual gift that comes to your mind.
  2. Start serving others, right away. But be sure you are serving others in a way that is not comfortable for you: serve people who think, live, work, or play in a way that is different than you. Maybe they live in another part of town. Maybe they speak another language (do not worry much, if they share your passion, communication is still possible). Maybe they do have a different political view. The very important thing here is to find a place where to bless others, but doing it in a setting that will not allow you to do it based totally on your own strength: you want to see Him working in you, confirming this is your passion.



Once you have follow these two steps, please come back and let us know – using the comments section, below – what you learned, and how things went.


Remember His grace, Follow Him in humility, Cultivate constantly, All in cultural diversity.




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