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Should I be having fun, when making disciples?


Ever had the feeling that you are having way to much fun, while making disciples? I really hope so! Making disciples, specially among Hispanic Americans, is supposed to happen at the intersection of real life and eternal truths. And if you are pursuing your passion / area of interest, while factoring in that glory that is to come, then you should be having some fun.

It’s good for you – the disciple-maker – to see that what the Spirit has allowed you to believe, really applies to daily life.

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Wrong ideas about discipleship.

Over the years, I have seen discipleship being used or interpreted in so many ways, some of them so far away from the original idea, that cultivating the human heart to follow Him in humility is not part of the equation any more.

Discipleship is not real discipleship if it’s being used as a

  • Honor badge – … the people I am discipling… 
  • Pursuit of knowledge – What curriculum do you use, for discipleship?
  • Holy huddle – I need to be with Christians in my same stage of life


It’s not uncommon also, to find believers who consider themselves exempt from the need of cultivating their own hearts. The logic they follow is that, since they have finished some kind of study program, they have now graduated from the basic elements of Christianity, and now they do not need to revisit simple ideas like grace, forgiveness, or humility.


Source of satisfaction – And, yes, fun also.

See, the Good News are so effective that we should not keep them apart from daily life. Actually, the writer of Hebrews, at the end of chapter 5, tells us that Christian maturity comes from a constant practice of discerning between what is good, and what is evil.

Where could you practice this discernment, if it is not in real, daily life?

The truth is that our heart longs to see the LORD, and when He leads us to put into practice what we believe, when we follow Him in humility – which is not always pain-free, when we pursue our passion / area of interest in a way that clearly points to our weakness, His glory, and it’s for the benefit of others, then the possibility of seeing Him increases, and my longing can be satisfied.

Pursuing my passion fueled with these elements make things fun, also, since it’s a delight to apply the gifts He has given me. Right now, I’m planning the study groups for my congregation, for the whole next year. I’m also about to launch a new Connecting Point, to provide life coaching to Hispanic men. Teaching is one of the gifts He has given me, and applying it makes it possible for me to see Him (satisfaction), and at the same time, it’s a lot of fun.


For you to consider.

  • What is the real source of satisfaction, for you, when making disciples?
  • Do you agree, or not, that making disciples should be satisfactory and fun?



Remember His grace, Follow Him in humility, Cultivate constantly, All in cultural diversity.








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