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Small reminders with big implications


When things do not go exactly the way you wanted, and they go mostly in the worst way possible. Even then (specially then?) we must remember the End Result of discipleship: to be cultivated as humble followers of Him. Yes, that means it will be painful. And yes, it means it is all about Him, and not me. When making disciples among Hispanic Americans, we must remember the very fluid nature of this ministry, but we also must remember that, regardless of the cultural setting, He remains faithful, relevant, and communicates with us clearly. #discipleship #hispanic #howto

Well, it was supposed to be one of the greatest sermons I had ever preached. I worked on it, diligently, all week long. I studied. I prepared notes. I even recorded, produced, and posted a small video introduction, which FB said was doing better than 95% of the other posts on our page.

It was not only all the preparation than went into it, it was its topic, also.

We can trust the Lord Jesus Christ because He has been working on the restoration of His people since before the beginning of time.


Wow! Talking about a source of confidence, peace, and hope, right?


The sermon was a disaster. It was awful. It didn’t work. Even I got bored!


The only thing I wanted to do, when I was half way through preaching it, was to finish with it, go home, and look for a new job.


If you have been a preacher for any length of time, I hope you know what’s next in my story.


Yes, He showed up. Not in the form of an amazing sermon, that changed the life of the masses, but in the form of a comment from a rather introvert member of the audience. Everyone was gone, and only his and my family were left in the parking lot. My mind was already working on what to do to improve, for this coming Sunday. We were talking about other stuff, and then he said: “About your sermon. I have a question…” ¬†Then, we proceeded to have a very nice, productive, meaningful conversation about beauty, hope, trust. With this small reminder, the Lord brought to my attention the reality of my call. It was a small reminder, but it had big implications: it’s about His plan being fulfilled in the heart of those He has chosen. It is His word. It is His work. It is His beauty.

Yes, I still need to improve as a preacher. But I must remember, always, that it is His Beauty that should be displayed.



Do you find your passions / gifts / areas of interest some times to be an obstacle o distraction, for your own spiritual formation? How do you confront that challenge?


Remember His grace, Follow Him in humility, Cultivate constantly, All in cultural diversity.



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