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Striping down my heart to find out what I really treasure


Serving others in cultural diversity removes all the hiding places, all the cultural shields (idols?) I like to use to create a comfort zone. But it is there, where my heart is stripped down to its raw core where I can see what I really believe. It is there where my true identity is clearly exposed. It is there where I can really rejoice in what He has accomplished in me.

In one of the trailers for Suicide Squad you can see two of the characters bonding, using a very special handshake. The clip lasts only a fraction of a second, but you can see how these two men are together, they are in a mission, they both faced a terrible enemy and, against all odds, they came out on the other side victorious.

That very short clip made me want company like that.

Then, I saw a video of a group of young New Zealanders presenting their respect during the funeral of a beloved teacher, dancing the Haka. Warriors, all together, dancing with the purpose of intimidating their common enemy. The expression on their faces, the way they scream and move their arms and legs, all that shows unity in purpose and destiny.

Finally, we have Shakespeare’s Henry V speech in Scene III, The English Camp at St. Crispin’s Day… We few, happy few, we band of brothers.


There is something special in the company of brothers and sisters. There is something about not being alone, something about familiarity of shared goals and challenges.

It is a blessed place to be.

It is also a very dangerous place, if we are not careful.


If we are not careful our family, our friends, our congregation – all those things God has blessed us with – can be used to create not only a shield between us and others who are not like us, but they can also become our sources of identity. Because of our sin, we can take all that He meant as a blessing, as a way to prepare us to serve others and turn it into a barrier between us and our real treasure : Himself.

This is the very reason I need to expose my heart, removing that familiarity as much as I can. I need to put myself in a context that is not familiar, a context that is culturally diverse.


It is true that cultural diversity can exit even within the same family unit, but it is also true that we need His help to be intentional in exposing our heart. It will not happen by itself.


CALL TO ACTION What is the biggest cultural barrier between you and your treasure (God Himself)? How could He help you to remove a small piece of that barrier?


Remember His grace, Follow Him in humility, Cultivate constantly, All in Cultural Diversity.

Alex Villasana




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