Finding satisfaction and significance

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By our enemies’ standards (our sin, the world, Satan) I am not a very successful person. But because He has taken care of my past and has secured my future with Him in glory, I am – here an now – really free to see, enjoy, and share that very Beauty that has restored me back to Him.

Because of Him I have found satisfaction and significance in this life.

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Log entry 022618

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Frustrated by my failure, again, in the pursuit of holiness and humility. Marveled by our ability to hurt one another. Hopeful of what He can do, specially among our youth. Reminded of His faithfulness, and remembering His grace for me. Do I wish things were different? Of course! The question is, really, why do I want that? Surprised by the love and concern He has given me for His people; I really wish I could do more for His sheep.

How are you doing?

Discipleship and satisfaction – a brief commentary

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We can pursue disciple-making for many reasons that are not in line with Him. Making disciples among the nations can play into our own idolatry, feeding on our abilities, on our cultural preferences. How could we know if that is the case or not in our journey? Take a close look at the status of your heart. Is there satisfaction in there, because of His Beauty?

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Two clear indicators of spiritual transformation

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Often, as we strive to humbly follow God the Son, Jesus Christ, we find ourselves wondering if He is actually at work in us. We grow concerned  about how effective is God the Holy Spirit applying the benefits of His Beauty to our hearts. This is a topic worth of concern, and here you’ll find two indicators that will clearly point you to the answer.

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