Finding satisfaction and significance

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By our enemies’ standards (our sin, the world, Satan) I am not a very successful person. But because He has taken care of my past and has secured my future with Him in glory, I am – here an now – really free to see, enjoy, and share that very Beauty that has restored me back to Him.

Because of Him I have found satisfaction and significance in this life.

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The illusion of safety in disciple-making

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The always elusive state of spiritual health could be misinterpreted while we strive to make disciples, at home or around the world. That “everything is going well” may not be the best way to determine how well things are actually going. I’m going to invite you to consider a few other indicators of health and progress. #hispanic #culture #diversity #discipleship #how

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3 reasons I will die loving people

Reading Time: 4 minutes


Making disciples in a culturally diverse setting (e.g. Hispanic Americans) can be very confusing, and by its very nature, this environment is rich in possibilities for misunderstandings. Then, this beg the question, Is it possible to know – for sure – that we are following Christ Jesus in humility and experiencing a meaningful Spiritual Transformation? The answer is yes. You only need to look at two very particular things buried deep down in your heart.

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