Log entry 040218

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Camp Leonardo started today. It’s challenging and exciting and concerning and hopeful… all at the same time. Exhaustion fading out. But somehow depressed, not sure why. Ministry plan us going in the right direction, and I can see evidence of His work among us. I still see our enemies controlling certain parts of our hearts, but He remain faithful. I am satisfied.

Log entry 022618

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Frustrated by my failure, again, in the pursuit of holiness and humility. Marveled by our ability to hurt one another. Hopeful of what He can do, specially among our youth. Reminded of His faithfulness, and remembering His grace for me. Do I wish things were different? Of course! The question is, really, why do I want that? Surprised by the love and concern He has given me for His people; I really wish I could do more for His sheep.

How are you doing?

The three components of discipleship in cultural diversity.

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Are you inclined to make disciples in a culturally diverse setting? Maybe it’s at home, maybe it’s at the ends of the earth, or maybe it’s on your own neighborhood or place of work, where the nations have come to. If you have this desire burning in your heart, here you have a brief description of the three components of discipleship for such an environment.

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