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Thankful that I will never change the world


One of my mentors told me once “You are not the answer to our church’s challenge in serving Hispanic Americans.” He told me others may believe that, since I was able to speak the language, but he reminded me that is only Him who can accomplish such a thing. The more I try to be faithful to God’s call for me, the more I realize the weight of this reality.

I had dreams of grandeur, when I was younger. I dreamed with the idea of starting a software company (Canaan Soft, Christian company, you see?) that would change the world. Then, I really got into Communism. I sincerely believe that the only answer for my country – back then, Mexico – was a social revolution. The slogans of one of the schools I went to was “For the technological independence of Mexico!” After finishing college, I worked leading a team of engineers in a department called Substitution of Imports: we developed automation software for the oil industry – real apps, not like the little things you have on your phone.


Now, I know I will never change the world.

And that is OK.


The Lord never really promised me that, regardless of what one very famous and influential Christian leader just said.


You know what He promised me? That because of His grace, I will know the power of His resurrection. And that I will suffer, also. 🙂 I am very thankful that He has been showing me the first, more and more, and not allowing much of the second – I have this weird theory that not that many of us in this country, the USofA, really suffer.


At any rate, I see that my call is not to change the world, but to be faithful – always with His help – with what I have, here and now, and that I should not intentionally avoid suffering for His glory, and for the benefit of others. I am so very glad I have my family and my congregation as the backdrop of His work in me.


It is not about changing the world, it is about seeing Him changing me and changing those around me.



Honest question : What is great thing is interfering with your ability to follow Him in humility, for His glory and the benefit of others (i.e. there will be pain involved)?


Remember His grace, Follow Him in humility, Cultivate constantly, All in cultural diversity.




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