The illusion of safety in disciple-making

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The always elusive state of spiritual health could be misinterpreted while we strive to make disciples, at home or around the world. That “everything is going well” may not be the best way to determine how well things are actually going. I’m going to invite you to consider a few other indicators of health and progress. #hispanic #culture #diversity #discipleship #how

Things are going up and down, by human standards. And that is of concern, for me. I have a congregation to take care of, a family to provide for, and His grace to manage. I need things to be if not well, at least more smooth.

It’s a roller-coaster, disciple-making is.

And that’s by the very nature of this enterprise. It is not easy – or stable or safe or painless – to pursue the level of heart-to heart connectivity between human beings required to see meaningful Spiritual Transformation. And then, if you add cultural diversity to the mix, things can get very interesting very quickly.

And by that I mean complicated.

Because of our own condition, because we are still battling our own sin here and now, our tendency is to see those valleys in our journey as markers of things going bad. On the other hand, the hills in our path tend to be interpreted as things going well.

And when things are going well we feel secured, at peace, and satisfied.

We like the hills. We dislike the valleys.

Here is a crazy thought… What if valleys were also part of His plan for us? What if we are called to consider those moments where “things are going badly” as blessed events, created for the glory of the Triune God of Scripture and for our benefit?

Crazy, I know.

Just quickly, let me tell you the potential risks of those hills.

  • They can give you a false sense of peace. False because it is coming from accomplishments and not necessarily from His Person or Work.
  • They can promote idolatry,making you think that your cultural preferences are the standard everything else should me measured by.
  • And they can blind you to the real condition of your own heart.

Now, about those valleys…

  • They make it easier to see God in action, by removing human strength.
  • They Promote dependency on His Person and Work
  • By placing us in a state of desperation, they entice our soul to pray!

Not too bad, right?

His Beauty and its benefits are so that they encompass all of our journey. He is our Redeemer every step of the way. There is no moment that escapes His control, governance, mercy, grace.

Then, let us consider all of our trajectory on this life – all of it – as the context within He is cultivating us as humble followers of His.

Christian, be encourage! Know that the Beauty of your Lord is effective here and now, and to the end of time.



Consider these questions and share your thoughts with the rest of our community.

  • Where / when do you feel more secured, while engaged in discipleship?
  • In your life, what makes you believe that “things are not going well”?
  • What do the answers to the previous questions say about what you really believe about Him, His Beauty, and its benefits? Repent, confess, and celebrate accordingly.


Remember His grace, Follow Him in humility, Cultivate constantly, All in cultural diversity.