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The risk of being too good at this

FollowInHumilityThe end result of discipleship is an ever increasing ability to follow Him in humility. It means that, the more God the Holy Spirit works in me, the easier it should be for me to step out of my own cultural preferences – stop being who I am naturally – to clearly show God’s work in me, and for the benefit of others. But sometimes, we can take that very work of God (His gift to us) and turn in into an idol that points to us.


I workout 40 to 60 minutes, six times a week. That’s what my calendar says, and most of the time I’m good at keeping it. Because I have specific goals in mind, I am taking notes of how I feel the next day; I want to know if certain routines make me feel sore, which I take as an indication of a good workout.

This morning, I am very sore. But it’s not because of push-ups, or running, or boxing. I have been working a lot in preparation to a great event for next week. Actually, I have been so busy planning, and getting ready for this event, that I have not have even one workout session, this week.

But I am tired.

Good tired.

The kind you feel after leaving everything on the gym.

And things are coming a long very well, for next week.


And, mi familia, there resides the potential for trouble.


When making disciples among Hispanic Americans, to use one’s passion is one of the best ways to deal with cultural differences. However, we must be on guard at all times, since idolatry can show its ugly head at any time, specially disguised as a good feeling about our abilities, our efforts, our results.


Christian beware: Ministry success / busyness may not be good for your own spiritual formation.


The solution? Ask Him for wisdom and humility. Check your heart to see how much recognition do you need from others. Would you be OK if someone else were doing the stuff you are doing, even if the results were not as stellar?






How do you keep your pride in check?


Remember His grace, Follow Him in humility, Cultivate Constantly, All in Cultural Diversity.



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