The three components of discipleship in cultural diversity.


Are you inclined to make disciples in a culturally diverse setting? Maybe it’s at home, maybe it’s at the ends of the earth, or maybe it’s on your own neighborhood or place of work, where the nations have come to. If you have this desire burning in your heart, here you have a brief description of the three components of discipleship for such an environment.

So you find yourself with the desire of making disciples in a context that is not, totally, within your own cultural preferences. Those who you want to serve may be your own children – after all, many times they seem to have come from a substantial different place than you, right? – or it may be people from other cultures, either at their homeland or here in the US. Well, great! There is almost nothing that can be compared to the satisfaction of pursuing the Great Commission, for His glory and the benefit of others. It is an excellent opportunity to see how much you appreciate Him over what you believe is acceptable, over what you believe defines you. Yes, making disciples in a culture that is not yours will expose your own idols.

OK, so… How do we go about doing this?

Let’s talk about the process first, and then we will enumerate the discipleship components you must include in that process.


The process of disciple-making in cultural diversity is more like a spiral than a linear process. You must repeat the same components of the process, time and time again, with each iteration going deeper and deeper into the concepts of those components. This may mean that you go deeper in study, or that you challenge those you are serving in a more significant way.

To pursue a journey in discipleship that is more like a spiral is what it means to cultivate constantly. Translation: we will never be completely done on this Earth.

BTW, as you walk on this path with the people you are serving, your own heart is also being cultivated constantly. Pretty awesome, right?


As you go on this spiral-path, these are the three things you must do for those you are serving:

  1. Teach them about the Person & Work of Jesus Christ, God the Son.
  2. Call and support them to give away, generously, what they have received from the Triune God of Scripture (spiritual gifts, passions, areas of interest)
  3. Train and challenge them to be in high expectations of opportunities to tell others stories of God’s work in them.

A way to summarize these components is to say that you want them to see, enjoy, and share the Beauty of Jesus Christ.

Present these components in a way that is culturally relevant for them, but not necessarily for you, and be on the watch-out for the presence of / inclination toward humility, both in your own heart and in the heart of those you are serving.


Are you ready to set aside your own cultural preferences, for His glory and the benefit of others?

How can you present the three components in a relevant way? Make a detailed list for the first three or four iterations on the spiral-path.

Make a precise plan for the prayer support you will need on this journey. It should include your own prayer time, but also the support from others who know you.


Remember His grace, Follow Him in humility, Cultivate constantly, All in cultural diversity.