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The work never ends. Neither His presence with us.


The temptation to ‘be done’ with discipleship is very high. And this expectation of producing mature followers of Christ in a specific length of time can be very frustrating, specially when serving in a cultural diverse setting. We must remember that He will never be completely done with us, as long as we remain here. But, one day, He will be. He will finish. He will win. Totally.

From Philippians 1:6,

And I am sure of this, that he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at he day of Jesus Christ.


Some times, I am not sure.

I look at me, my own falls and rebellions, and I am not sure He will bring His work in me to completion.

Have you ever been running, you are super tired, and then you look up – because you have been running with your eyes glued to the three feet of road right in front of you – and discover that there is this massive hill waiting for you, smiling because it knows it will kick your behind? Have you? If you are attempting to be faithful to His Great Commission you know exactly what I am talking about, even if you do not like to run. The hill could be my own sin. It could be the sin of people in one of my groups. And this sin has the punteria of showing up when it can cause the most damage.


Some times, I wonder.

Things happen. Like little flashes of Glory every now and then. Things are said or done, most of the time unintentionally, that clearly shows His fingerprints, the signature of the artist. Like a rush of warm air, moving fast upwardly, to provide lift, power, trust to tired wings. And from that height, you get to contemplate the vastness and scope of the land, His Kingdom. This may actually work, you think. The Gospel may actually be powerful enough to overcome cultural barriers, deal with sin, and restore the human heart back to Him. This crazy idea that we can see, here and now, God Himself in action among us, may not be all that crazy after all.


Some times, I am sure.

Specially when I am alone. When is it only me, my thoughts, my sin. And Him. With His sweet voice (I’ve always imagine the Lord Jesus Christ has a sweet voice. Call me crazy) He asks, How is it going, Alex? We chat about many things, but He is persistent in bringing the conversation back to the issues of my heart, my need for Him, and His work in me and through me. How do you like that last change I made in you? I try, first, to respond in a smart, Presbyterian, Reformed way but at the end, always, I end up saying “I love it! Thanks.” And right before we are done with our chat, He looks at me at say, Just wait until you see what I’m doing next!



What make you wonder if there has been any progress in your own spiritual formation, and the formation of those around you? What gives you certainty of His faithfulness?


Remember His grace, Follow Him in humility, Cultivate Constantly, All in Cultural diversity.


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