Tired of giving yourself away? Here are two reasons to keep going.

Reading Time: 3 minutes


To enjoy His Beauty by giving ourselves away is demanding, and we can grow tired of doing so, specially if we strive to also imitate His generosity. Here you have two reasons to be intentional and to press on under the demanding circumstances of cultural diversity.

It’s not easy.

You work hard preparing to serve others using your spiritual gifts, areas of interest, or your passions but the response is not what you expected. You know you are enjoying His Beauty, you are pursuing your passion in a very public way, serving and inviting those around you but that same group of people, that audience is not responding with the same enthusiasm you have.

And they have good reasons, acceptable reasons, for their apparent lack of interest on what you have to offer. They are not rejecting you, per se, and some times they even affirm your ideas and desires, but all the same, things are hard and the results are not there.

I found myself in that situation at the end of 2017 and beginning of the new year. It was my desire to serve two specific groups (business owners and parents with kids in elementary school), but neither one responded to my offers in a way that would indicate, to me, that they had any interest on them.

What to do? Should I continue investing in these audiences? Should I move to do something else with other groups?

And, more importantly, what to do with the sense of disappointment growing within?

Well, first the LORD reminded me that, on this earth, He will not be done restoring my heart back to him – that is something that for sure will take place in glory. Then, He confronted me, asking for the real reasons I desired to enjoy His Beauty: Was it for my own delight and idolatry, or was it to see my heart growing in humility, as the Master continued cultivating me as His follower?

If you find yourself in a similar situation, here there are two reasons to be intentional in giving ourselves away generously, as He continues restoring us back to Him:

>> It will make His work in you stand in high relief, for you to see that it is true. That desire of enjoying His Beauty is coming from Him. When you pursue it, specially under circumstances that are, humanly speaking, difficult, then it makes it clear -for you, at least – that it is Him who is moving you in that direction. When serving others with your gifts, you are the first beneficiary of that activity. You can see His faithfulness and continue labor in your heart.

>> You may get to see Him in action. The results may not be what you want but, then again, they may be exactly what He has planned all along. By planting you in the middle of the action, the LORD is giving you the opportunity of being there, should He decide to come and transform the heart of those around you. There is no higher source of real satisfaction than being present when this miracle takes place.



  • Be familiar with your spiritual gift, area of interest, passion.
  • Pursue them with the highest possible commitment to generosity and quality.
  • Pray and take notes while serving your audience.
  • Regroup as needed.

Remember His grace, Follow Him in humility, Cultivate constantly, All in cultural diversity.