Today, I don’t need God.


It’s very easy to forget our total and permanent dependency on His grace. Often we think of our need of Him only when we find ourselves in very difficult situations, humanly speaking. We must cultivate the godly habit of constantly remembering how much we need Him. #spiritualtransformation #hispanic #discipleship #diversity

I was driving home, recently, when I heard the little sound my phone makes when receiving a text message. Of course, I didn’t check it right away but waited until I got to a red traffic light. I clicked the power button and the the screen came alive: it was an urgent prayer request. I knew some of the details of what was happening with this particular family, so I just needed the brief summary displayed by my device to know what to pray for.

I slowed down, took extra precautions while driving, and I prayed all the way home – yes, with my eyes open.

There was a real sense of trust, relief, even peace while praying for this important need. What a privilege to come before His throne in behalf of a person in need! What an amazing thing to know that, right then and there, I was allowed to communicate with Him whom owns and sustains everything. So much mercy and love and grace. All of which the person I was praying for was in deep need of.


That person.

Not me.

Not right then.

It was a beautiful, sunny day. I was driving back home after doing something very productive. And some of my favorite songs were being played by the radio station I was listening to. It was close to 2:00 PM, which meant I was about to enjoy a delicious meal, at home, with my family.

The person the prayer request was for needed God’s urgent help and sustain, not me. I was OK.

Do you see my problem?

I had the same attitude the religious leaders of Israel had when, in John 5, the Lord Jesus Christ informed them that God is at work always, sustaining and caring for His creation. No, He does not take a day off from being God once a week. Yes, we all need Him all the time.

I need to remember that I need Him as much as the person going through surgery. I need Him as much as the person facing depression. I need Him as much as the parent struggling with a rebellious child. I need Him as much as the person who is not like me, the immigrant with no documents, the poor, the outcast, the super-rich, the healthy, the creative… the one driving on a beautiful sunny day listening to his favorite songs on the radio.


Call to action

On his book, The Power of Habit,  Duhigg says that one of the first steps to implement a new habit is to find a trigger: the place, situation or feeling that calls your habit into action. Then, to begin establishing the habit of remembering His grace, next time you experience an above-average feeling, either pain or joy, use that as your trigger and ask yourself questions like:

  • Am I aware I am under His care, right now?
  • What can I learn, about Him and about myself, with what is happening?
  • How much of His grace do I really need, right now?
  • Do I believe that my dependency on His grace is as big as any other person’s?

Repent, confess and worship the Triune God of Scripture accordingly.


Remember His grace, Follow Him in humility, Cultivate constantly, All in Cultural diversity.