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Toilet fixing and making disciples


If you have received His grace, you can put it into practice even if it is in small, limited amounts. This can help you if you have the desire to bless others, but are not sure about tour passion, giftedness, area of interest. In a Hispanic American context, this is of particular importance, since trying – little by little – can help everyone involved to overcome cultural barriers.


Handyman is too big of a title for me to use.

I personally know some of them: men who are so dexterous in manual labor, that they can really fix everything. In the best case scenario, I am but a rough copy of any of them.

That, however, does not stop me from desiring to be like them. Look, I even have three toolboxes.


If that doesn’t show my desire of being good at fixing things with my own hands, I really do not know what would.


I recently tackled a problem with one of our toilets, upstairs. It was the toilet used by my two kids. I had to remove the tank from the bowl, in order to replace the mechanism that flushes it. Once I replaced the mechanism, I tried to reattach the tank back to the bowl. And then, I discovered a leak: it was coming from three different places, at least.

Another trip to Lowe’s.

More towels. More flush tests. More removal of the tank and reattaching it. It took several days. In the mean time, my kids were using the downstairs toilet… And, some times, they were even using the one in the master bedroom.

Until it was all fixed, clean, and dry.


Two things happened to me, during this ordeal: my skills increased – by a fraction of a point, but they actually increased. And now, I have a bigger desire to tackle something a little bit more challenging. I have a renewed sense of what I can see accomplished, and I found myself looking at the current condition of our home in a whole new way.


That is what happens when we exercise the spiritual gifts God has given us, even if it is in a small amount. Maybe you have the heart to serve those of Hispanic background around you, but you do not speak the language. Don’t worry, you do not have to be fluent in the language of Saavedra, to clearly show that you are doing this because God is at work in you, and to bless others.

A little grace, from you to others, would go a long way. It will change you. And whatever the results – leaks or not – God the Holy Spirit can use the experience to give you a renewed sense of what He can do, and He can help you to see the condition of those around you – and even the condition of your on heart – in a whole new way.


Your appreciation for His Beauty, for Who he is and what He has done will increase. His cross would become more attractive. Not a bad result from following Him in humility, loving others and extending His grace, right?


Finally, let me tell you that these short outburst of grace are the best way to find out about your passion, area of interest, or giftedness.


So, go ahead and try it. And feel free to share your experience here. Comments are more than welcome.


CALL TO ACTION. What could you do to show others that God has restore you back to Him, all because of His grace? Pray about it. Choose whatever requires two hours or less. Do it. Celebrate His work. Share your experience.



Remember His grace, Follow Him in humility, Cultivate constantly, All in cultural diversity.




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